All good things are five

You know that all good things are five, don't you?

Today and last week has been filled with good things, together five REALLY good things!

Good thing Number ONE: My woolorder from World of Wool arrived today - 200 g White Massam, 200 g grey Norwegian, 200 g withe BFL, 200 g oatmeal BFL, 200 g white Merino/Nylon.

Good things number TWO and THREE: This weekend I got the dyes I ordered from Dineke and that she brought to me from Holland. Ten yummy colours! And today I was happy when I found a huge steamningpot at the secondhand shop. Complete and even with the old instruction book with it!

Good thing number FOUR: Today I had some look during my mushroom hunt and went home with chantarelles as big as the palm of my hand.

Good thing number FIVE: The best thing - the kitchen is DONE, and I love it. The wallpapers look better then I could imagen and that all painted white parts really are white. The new shelf is up with my best cookerybooks and so are the curtains.


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