Massam Wool

Yesterday I spun Massam wool for the first time. I REALLY like it!

It's not the softest of wool but it's so nice to spin! The fiber is long, very long, around 27-30 cm. And for a spinner who prefers to spin with long rows it's just a dream. You can pull it for as long as you like and it's very easy to get a thin, even lace. BUT it's also works for spinning with short row. I didn't think it would be suitable because of the length of the fiber but it works. If you make sure you don't get the spin far up the top it's no problem to spin with short row.

I dyed two rovings the otherday and it takes the colour just greate.
I call the rovings Carneval because of their happy colours. I think I'm gonna navajoply one roving for a pair of mittens and keep the other one as lace to knit a big shawl.

Postat av: Emmy

Massam är härligt. Jag gillar verkligen ull med lite riv i. Och den spinner sig ju nästan själv.

Riktigt glada färger du fått till.

2011-08-25 @ 18:01:44

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