Nighttime spinning

Yesterday evening/night my better half was away on Toga-kickoff and I was left alone with my flue-bugs that my dear kids so givenly have shared with me.

So what to do!? I spend the time by the spinning wheal. I completed 600 meters of lacespun BFL in the colour "Wild Roses". And then I moved on to the my alpacawool, but thats another story..

Now I'm gonna take care of the remain of my fluebugs and hope that they find their way out very soon.

Kind of pleased with my self..

Postat av: Emmy

Härligt garn! Du ska vara nöjd med dig själv.

Jättelänge sedan jag tog mig tid att sitta vid spinnrocken nu, men du får mig riktigt sugen.

2011-11-06 @ 15:29:46
Postat av: Maria

Fantastiskt... Vad ska det bli?

2011-11-09 @ 12:58:45

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