Saturdayevning I took a trip in the nursery to take pictures of some plants. I got accompanied by Heike.
As I took some photos she sat next to me to see what I was doing, giving my leg or hand a lick when she thought I was getting boring.

Since she wanted attention I thought I could try to get some photos of her.
So I told her to sit..
..but what Heike heard was "lay down on your back with your tummy in the air and I will pet you!"
So the result was something other than I had in mind, but she still is a great dog!

"Hi, I'm the cutest thing you ever saw, right!?"

Postat av: Vicky

haha. gullig pose.

2012-06-04 @ 19:16:01
Postat av: Mamma

Jag tror Heike säger "Se så mager jag är, lite mer kakor och choklad skulle smaka bra". Har hört talas om hennes förmåga att nosa upp dolda godisresurser.

2012-06-04 @ 21:01:12
Postat av: Vicky

det är ganska kallt nu med tyvärr :(

nej! tar dom jobben jag får :)

2012-06-04 @ 21:47:57

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