Poor me

In the middle of some very nice knitting one out of the two interchangeable needles size 3.5 mm BROKE!

I got so depressed that I ate three cookies and then loged on to Penelope Crafts webshop, where I ordered new needletips and umm, I might also have bought three more skeins of Madeleine Tosh. It might have been the ones pictures below. But IF I did it, it was because I was to depressed to think straight AND beacuse I cut my finger when the needle broke.
Or for some other reason that sounds good..

Betty Drapers


Picture source

Postat av: eddy

haha! vilken otur=) då var du ju självklart värd lite extra garn tycker jag=) snygg header förresten, kul med lite uppdatering. stor kram!!!

2012-05-06 @ 14:22:26
URL: http://blogg.passagen.se/eddysblogg

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