About handdyed yarn

This is the thing about handdyed yarn - you never quite know what to expect.

When I bought my skein of Skein Seasalt I thought it would be enough for my sideways knitted shawl, as it turned out it wasn't enough. So I had to get another skein.
This was really easier said then done.
Maila, the owner of Penelope Craft, helped me the best she could to get another matching skein. When I was in Amsterdam some weekends ago I looked at the skeins she had left and we agreed on one we both thought would be the best match of the ones she had left.
 But, it was much lighter and not as variegated, but it still was the best match since the other ones looked like they were a totally different color set.
I know alot of people, including my self, would find this most irritable and wouldn't want to finish the project.
But I try to see the positive thing about it. Skein is dyed by one single woman in batches of 5 x 100 grams, so if you don't get a two skeins from the same batch there is a big risk that the color will differ alot. But instead of letting this annoy you, you can choose to see it as proof of how handdyed this yarn really is. See the value of that also really small companies with quality yarn are able to hit the market. Think about the effort this lady puts in to her work to give us knitters really beautiful yarn to work with.
So what if it differs in color, I choose to see the beauty of the craftmanship instead, in my knitwork and design as well as in the skills of dyeing beautiful yarn in the Skein company.
Not two peas in a pod, but still kind of beautiful


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