Another pair..

The last christmasgift was finished the evening before christmas, and it was, as all other knitted christmasgifts, a big scuccess.

It's another pair of broken seed socks...not so fun to knit to pairs in a row I might add..

Yesterday evening was spent with three greate friends and knitters Eddy, Elin and Maria. Eddy served us the last of her christmascandy, Maria let us taste her cupcakes made in her cupcakemaker that shw got for christmas and Elin delivered a greate christmasgift in shape of a beautiful roving of yarn she bought in Michigan!
I just brought a good mood and smiley face.

My mum agreed to modell for me

This pair was knitted the "traditional way" with toe, heel and ribknitting on the cuff with the plain yarn

I'm convincced that they will keep their reciver warm!

Merry Christmas

Yesterday we celebrated "Little Christmas", which is the evening before christmaseve. We've always celebrated little christmas in my family, and it was first when I moved to another part of Sweden that I learned that this is a tradition from my par of Sweden - Skåne.
I celebrated together with mum, dad, my brothers and my eldest brothers fiance. Since I will celebrate christmaseve with Philips family we exchanged gifts yesterday. My homespun yarn and knitted handwarmers were a success and the rest of the evening my mum and sister in law discusses what to knit from it. They decied on having a special club for those knitting with homespun yarn, since that is a little bit better than with commercial yarn..

With this erhmm..typichal christmas mushroom growing on my mum and dads christmas tree I wish you all a Merry Christmas!

Christmas mushroom, bought at Liseberg last weekend.


This weekend when we visited Liseberg I stumbled over some really nice coasters from KG Design.

Our old costers were made from cork, not so aesthetic, not washable and so on..
So when I found these silicon, dishwasherproof lace coasters. I lover the combination of a new material meets old design.
The silicon creates resistance between coaster and table and coaster and glass so it doesn't slide. They are easy to wash and come in all sorts of colors.

We chose the white ones, it looks classic and gives a nice contrast to our black livingroom table!

Glühwien cups on our new coasters

Looks as good with red as with black

Read more about KGDesign and find their reseller HERE


This yarn is the perfect example of something I had very low expectations about.
I wasn't at all pleased with the woolroving after dyeing it. I had decided to dye in different colors that I normally choose, like blue, turqouise and pink. While fluffing it after steaming it I immediately regret my trial to be different.

But it so fun how a roving transforms into somethings that you experience in a totally different way when it's spun.
As single i still wasn't very happy about it, but when plyed - fractal - I thought it looked really greate.

What was a boring roving turned in to a yarn that was sofisticated but happy in color. With it's fresh meloncolor I named it "Melonball" I think that it will turn into something beautiful when knitted!

100 grams BFl wool, handdyed, handspun into a 2 ply yarn of 350 meters.

Melonball the yarn

350 meters of handspun happiness!

It's now waiting for someone under the christmastree..

All set!

All gifts are rapped, this year all in red and white, and ready to be delivered!
Some are soft, some are hard, one for every taste, i hope everyone will get their wishes fullfilled.

Traditionally rapped christmasgifts

Christmas at Liseberg

This weekend I got a longed for visit from my parents and my babybrother (who by the way is 19 years old now).
It was greate getting to show them our apartment in it's "new look". Last time they were here it was filled of boxes and furniture standing arround. It was really enjoyable to have them here!

We had dinner at Hard Rock café and went to spend the evening at Liseberg, the big amusementpark in Gothenburg. IN december the park is lit up by christmas lights, filled with christmastrees, santas and little shops selling everything from christmas ornaments, fluffy sheepsskins, homemade mustard and moosekebab.

The sunday was then spent at the christmasfair in Haga, one of the oldest parts of Gothenburg. We listened to Göta Lejon, bought a pair of sheepskin mittens, a christmasgift from Philip and had some greate coffee.

Surreal world at Liseberg


Lit up tree


Me and my honey in the snowy forrest..made from a bunch of trees put together and papersnow..


Say my name!

With inspiration from Maria, the brain behind the blog pysselochknap I ordered tags with my name - or acctually my blogs name - to put on things I knit or in other ways create.

It's easy to do it here!

I bought 50 tags with my name and a symbol and it only cost me about 250 swedish corwns, that's about 5 crowns per tag. If you buy more tags, it's cheaper price per tag. But I felt that 50 would be enough for some time!

I chosed a quit sober colour to make it go with anyanother colour on the knitted item.

It's handmade baby!

From Alpaca with love!

Remember that I visited an alpcka farm earlier this year? Anyway - because of busy times juggling work, school, move, and a new job there hasn't been alot of time left over for the alpaca wool.

BUT - I have managed to sort, card, and spin enough yarn for a pair of alpaca handwarmers.

They are knitted on needles 2, the yarn was VERY thin even though it was navajoplyed! It's my own pattern and I'm thinking about writing it down. I made a drastic increase to make it embrace the wrist and "beginning" of the hand to give more warmth.

While taking the pictures I got a little "help" from Muffin the cat..

Striped alpaca handwarmers

Muffin the cat giving a hand, or should I way paw. during the photoshoot..

Muffin getting a taste of the handwarmers..

Muffin taking a taste of me..

Well, I hope you get the picture anyway!

Early christmas

Yesteday me and my friend Eddy finally managed to arrange a meeting that suited both mine and her working hours. So straight after work I went home to her cosy appartment to knit and watch her make pepparkakor (and ofcourse taste..).

I finished the foot on my second pair of broken seed knitted socks, and begun on the second one. Since it was a long time since Eddy and I met the last time we had a ton of things to talk about AND since I was aware that this would be the last time we met for christmas I gave her an early christmasgift!

I got a gift from Eddy to, but mine one the "wrapping contest"..

It containd a jar of my homemade saffronbiscotti, and two bats of handsorted and carded alpaca

I hope Eddy can spin and knit something cute from it!

A frog for a toad - a knitted and felted iPad sleeve

On request from my boyfriend I knitted and felted a sleeve for his iPad.

I managed to keep it a secret, so schh..don't tell him! It's gonna be a christmasgift for him.
I used Semilla from BC Yarn in two different shades of green. I used 32 grams of each, the sleeve is knitted with asymetric stripes, variating between four, three and two rows of each colour. It's knitted in round, the "lid" is knitted as a triangle, decreasing on each side and then bound of before reaching the tip of triangle. A wooden button keeps it closed.

The sleeve became a bit short after felting it - done by hand with soap and hot water - but with the lid covering the edges it doesn't matter that much.

The name "A frog for a toad" is a wordgame in Swedish - we call the iPad "paddan", that means toad in Swedish, so hence the green colours of the sleeve, this i A frog for a toad".

Here's the result!

The sleeve in whole

Details - I now have my own lable to put on things a knit!

Details - wooden button bought at Tummelisa

Broken seed socks

I first saw socks knitted with the broken seed technique at dödergöks blogg and after that the broken seed socks have been popping up like mushrooms at almost every knitters blog that I read.

So i thought to my self - it looks greate, it's simple but yet fun so why not try it!

I knitted a pair with Drops Fabel yarn, one grey skein and one selfstriping, red skein. I think the result is really nice! It's not deadfun to knit, but it's a nice that you can use a self striping yarn without it destroying the "pattern". It's also a pattern that is suitable for guys, atleast guys who doesn't prefer lace-socks..

I made both toe and heel with the read yarn. You get less contrast but accentuates the heel and toe in another way.

Under the foot I just knitted plain stripes


I made the cuff with more ribbed knitting than brokenseed knitting

Should. Read. More. Blogs.

Yes, that's exactly what I should do!

There are so many amazing blogs out there, with amaxing people behind them. Creativ, funny, smart people who are happy to share their greatness with the rest of the world.

When I have the time I like to just visit a random crafts blog and from there look at their linklist and click on to another blog, and from that one to another and another. You get the picture. It's greate, and most of the time you find really good blogs that you feel like visiting several times a day to see if they posted something new.

My new favourite blog is Karinskonstgrepp. I think Karins blog is a mixture of great art and really smart humour! I found Karins blog thorugh Clarastickar whom I found through my friend Jenny the jewellydesigner.

You see what I'm saying?
Feel free to leave a tip about your own or somebody elses great blog in the comment field!

My new Look

Let me introduce you to my new look!

Something my maby didn't know about me is that I've been playing the saxophone since I was eight. But because of moving back and forth, living abroad and studying I haven't been playing it for about for years. So when moving to Gothenburg this was something I decided to catch up on.

So now I spend three hours every wednesday together with these handsome guys, don't they look greate!
If you wanna see and hear Göta Lejon for real, you can visit Haga Julmarknad every saturday and sunday before christmas at 12 o clock, and you'll hear these guys playing (not me though since I'm a newbee in the orcestra)

Open your ears, greate marchingband playing!

PS. I'm still knitting, but due to working all day - going when it's dark, coming home when it's dark - it's difficult to take any good pictures)

I Love My Kitchen

The kitchen is my favourite room in our apartment! It's light, the wallpaper that I and Philip put up our selfs is beautiful, and it has got everything that I could wish for (except a bigger fridge and freezer).

So why not spend a whole day in the kitchen?

Today I've been baking "pepparkakor", saffronbiscotti and my favourite bread "Rofans everyday bread"...and I have been sorting out the kitchen jungle. Philip threatened that he would throw out some of my flower if I didn't do it my self. So I've been rerarranging them, now I have only three that I don't have the perfect place yet beacuse they are so big..

Pepparkakor, the pig is my favourite!

Several jars of saffronbiscotti with almonds!

My new friend

This is my new friend. I don't know how old he his, but I'm guessing pretty old.
He's got at friendly face, which caught my attention right away. And since the log he's sitting on is "empty" it was like made for a hyacinth.

I took him home with me, and today he got some company from a white hyacinth on our teatable.

Isn't he adorable!

The fact that he's playing "Loves me, loves me not" with a blue flower just makes him even more adorable!

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