Cardigan Course

Yesterday I was on a course, held by VisaLisa, to learn the basics of how to knit at cardigan or sweater after your own measurements. The technique is quite simple, but there are alot of things to think about and alot of changes you can do to create a more interesting design.

We learnt alot of valuable things and I think (...) that I now will be able to knit my first cardigan after my own measurements and desire.

I'm knitting with Semilla in a stealblue colour, and so far it looks terrific!

The base colour of the cardigan

Cast on and calculations to make it fit

Postat av: mia

Nyttig information och lärdom kan jag tänka mig. Ser fram mot cardigan, fin färg på garnet :)

2011-11-20 @ 16:57:06

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