Big dollop of wool

This might have been the greatest saturday in  some time!

Me and Philip begun our day at a SPA where we got a coconut scrub followed by an hour Thai Oil Massage which was to die to. All smothe - both in skin and muscles - we went to my favorite sushiplace Yama Sushi at Kungsportsplatsen. There I treated me and Philip to some really nice sushi and green seaweed sallad - yummy!

Then Philip went to return a pair of jeans that got a giant crack when he sat down playing laserdome. We came out with a new pair of jeans, and another pair of new jeans, and two pair of chinos. Why - all pants where half prize of. Great!

..and theeen, I did some shopping for me! I got a scholarship some weeks ago, and since I've got a job now I wanted to treat my self to some yarn that I otherwise would think to be to expensive.

So I treated my self to 300 grams (2 skeins) of Malabrigo Rasta in the same colour as my Myrtle Cardigan (which is almost ready!) and I'm planning on transforming it into another cabled headband and a scarf to match it!

One big dollop of wool!

Postat av: eddy

men åå!! den kan jag knappt bärga mig tills jag får se! vi kanske kan fota den på lördag om du vill? är nästan klar med kabelsockan nu! wihooo!!

förresten, häsla mamsen, hon skrev hej i min blogg. kul!

2011-10-30 @ 16:51:04

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