Yesterday we visited an orangerie, a nursery and conservatory for mediterranean plants such as fig tress, different citrus trees, olive trees, kiwi tress and other exotic plants as cactie, Agapanthus, Agave and much more.

The orangerie is owned by the parents of the wife of one of our belgium friends.
It was a nice and exotic place, nothing like other nurserys I've visited before. Naturally all plants were situated in greenhouses, packed together, lemons and oranges haning from everyother tree. Almost felt like we took a trip to the mediterranean and not just a tour in the neighbourhood!

Imagin all these agapanthus blooming at once!

Don't want to imagin the price of these trees..

Wouldn't mind having one off them though!

Or maby all of them, in a orangerie of my own!

Postat av: eddy

å vad härligt det ser ut gumman!

2012-04-10 @ 21:38:46

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