Sokkelo halfmitts and cuffs

Sokkelo halfmitts and cuffs is my latest pattern!
I took my chance to take som pictures of it when I had Eddy in my reach to model for me.
Sokkelo means labyrinth in finish and refferes to the pattern created with cable technique.
Both the halfmitts and the cuffs use the same cable pattern, but beginning on different parts of the pattern.
The pattern is almost completed on paper and will be testknitted and avaliable at ravelry soon!
 Sokkelo halfmitts
Sokkelo halfmitts
Sokkelo cuffs
Sokkelo cuffs
If you are interested in testknitting, keep an eye out in the free pattern testers group on ravelry!

Postat av: Frida

wOW, underbara torgvantar!!! :D

2012-08-11 @ 11:44:26

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