Colorfull weekend

I spent my weekend in den Haag together with Dineke, her dog Syl and Dinekes two "apprentices" Jennifer and Laara.
I got to spin on one of Dinekes Maja Craft wheels, now I'm not feeling very happy about going back to my Ashford Traditional..
Today was spent in Dinekes studio from ten to four o'clock. Dyeing, spinning, steamning, admire all the wool and so on.
It was a really nice weekend and really the best beginning of TDF 2012 I could ever have had!
Now three skein of sockyarn are haning on the rack to dry, togehter with 150 grams of wool with is a mix of silk, babycamel, merino and other things that are soft and fluffy.
I completed 150 grams of lace, which will soon navayoplyed and ready to use in the Westknits myster KAL!
Chosing colors
Steaming in a Swedish Saft Maja
Watching Syl sleep while waiting for the yarn to get ready in the steamer

Now it's time to settle down by the spinningwheel again!


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