Another pair..

The last christmasgift was finished the evening before christmas, and it was, as all other knitted christmasgifts, a big scuccess.

It's another pair of broken seed socks...not so fun to knit to pairs in a row I might add..

Yesterday evening was spent with three greate friends and knitters Eddy, Elin and Maria. Eddy served us the last of her christmascandy, Maria let us taste her cupcakes made in her cupcakemaker that shw got for christmas and Elin delivered a greate christmasgift in shape of a beautiful roving of yarn she bought in Michigan!
I just brought a good mood and smiley face.

My mum agreed to modell for me

This pair was knitted the "traditional way" with toe, heel and ribknitting on the cuff with the plain yarn

I'm convincced that they will keep their reciver warm!

Postat av: Maria

De blev ju jättefina! Fantastiskt att man kan lyfta ett självrandat garn till sådana höjder!

2011-12-30 @ 00:04:45

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