Tulip Time!

This is the time to decorate your home with lovely bouquet of springtulips!

Tulip Time!

The winner is..

After coming home from work and haveing 9 peaces of really great sushi I knew it was time to find out who would be the winner of my birthday give-away.

And so got to it:

Putting the names of 9 lovely ladies on some scrap-paper..

Foldning them into small parslettes..

Putting them all in the Marshmallowhat

and then - shake it a bout and pull out a winner.



The winner is notified and I hope she'll enjoy her yarn as soon as it finds it way to her!

Thanks to all who participated!

Ice Princess - the cardigan

This is Ice Princess - the cardigan.
The first cardigan I've knitted with only my own measurements and creativity to follow.

It weighs it's good 280 grams together with 9 mother of pearl buttons.
It's knitted with Semilla DK.

I think the cardigan speaks for it self so I'll just treat you to a picturecavalcade!

At winters first came the Ice Princess

Woollen comfort

Stripes, cables and buttons

And lots of love to complete it

Thanks to my darling Philip for taking the pictures

Take that fear and wear it like a crown

Yesterday may have been the best friday in a long time!

The greatness begun at 17.00 pm at Fröken Olsson where I and Eddy spend about an hour knitting with other knittingenthusiasts of the Sip and Knit group.

When then walked on to Stora Teatern at Avenyn to see the fabuluos Cirkus Cirkör show
Wear it like a crown.

After being seated on not so comfortable charis the show begun, AND WHAT A SHOW!
It was amazing, dazzling, spectacular, funny, beautiful and absolutly magnificent!

We sat in the middle of the second row and could enjoy every faceexpression, it made show feel really special, like they were on stage only for our personal enjoyment.

The fabolous Wear it like a crown trailer

While waiting to get to the wardrobe after the show the artists came out on stage to more or less hangout and talk to the audience, and ofcourse we couldn't resist to ask for a picture..

Eddy and the oh so funny and charming pingpong juggler.

Cirkus Cirkör was really something extra, something I've never experienced before. But it sure won't be the last time!

After being bobsmacked by Wear it like a crown we went to have a glas of wine and knit for a couple of hours.
All in all, a really great evening!

About birthdays..

I'm sort of really good at remembering friend and familys brithdays. I think it's important to make people feel special and important to me and showing that by remembering their special day.

This doesn't seem to apply on my blog..
It's was lillavackraannas blogs brithday on the 17th of January 2012, that was two days ago...

So here's to my blog

this brithday is going to be celebrated with a little giveaway!

All you have to do to have a chance of winning is write a comment in the commentfield. If you don't have a blog of your own, don't forget to write you email (it's won't be published on the blog).

And now for the prize:

459 meters lace of handdyed, handspun Massam lace!

The Massamwool has very long fibres and is a bit rougher than for example BFL, and there for a bit itching.
Read more about Massamwool

It's a beautiful yarn with greate lustre and alot of bounce!

So what are you waiting for?
Write a comment, compete for a skein of handfull yarn and at the same time celebrate this blogs birthday!

(Due to cargo-cost I only readers living in Sweden can attend the giveaway)

YOU HAVE UNTIL FIRDAY THE 27th to participate!

Once upon a time

The creaters of Lost has now given us Once upon a time.

A greate series if you ask me - it's exciting, adventures, mystic and intriguing.
AND it's family entertainment!

The storyline reads

"Emma Swan gets the surprise of her life when Henry, the son she gave up 10 years ago, arrives on her doorstep. Returning the boy to his adoptive mother becomes complicated when Henry reveals a stunning theory to Emma. Everyone in Storybrooke, Maine is a fairytale character under a curse, and Emma - as the long lost daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming - is the one who can save them all. The story unfolds; interweaving scenes of the drama in the sleepy New England town and the the inhabitants' past lives in the world of fairy tales. The timeless battle of good vs evil is ready to begin again."

Watch it, now.

My second sockyarn

I knitted my first pair of socks from handdyed, handspun yarn last year and this weekend I finished spinning my second roving of sockwool.

It's 70-40 merinowool - nylon and i'ts quite pleasant to spin.
I split the roving straight down the middle so that my socks will get the same striping - well atleast almost the same..
I spun two singles that I navajoplyed. I think the second single was spun with more twist, so I think that one will be better.

With a total of 230 meters this is the sockyarn Looking greate!

It turned out quite well balanced, but not perfect

In reality the colors are very vibrant and not as blend as the picture suggests

Now I just have to find the time to knit a pair of socks..

Deflated Christmas Ornaments

If you want to fill your christmastree with knitted ornament you better start intime..

So I've knitted three and started on the forth, but so far they are quite flat. I'm planning on knitting about 10 before putting in the filling, so you can do all at the same time.

I've knitted three ornaments that are quite different from eachother. That makes the knitting more fun.
I knit them with Rauma Fine Wool, as recommended by the authors. I knit them in grey and red, instead of white and red. Why - well Strikk were out of white Rauma Fine Wool and I thought it looked really nice with grey instead.

Not yet steamed or filled they look like this!

Nr. 11 "Krokros", nr 28 "Polkagris", nr 32 "Hjärterum"

Nr 11. "Krokros"

Nr 28. "Polkagris"

Ones yarn anothers socks

I spent the weekend with my dear friend Anna-Carin.
We have the same intrerest in more than one way - we first met at a militarymusic-camp. We started talking and after ten minutes people thought we had been friends for ever. We share the love for knitting, for music and playing music, for english and swedish detective stories, for wholesome food, for gardening and so on..

When she came for a quick visit in Gothenburg in november I gave her a skein of handdyed sockyarn.
She turned it into a pair of broken seed socks with greate result!

Colorfull broken seed socks

Really happy that Anna-Carin could make such good use of the yarn!

As always we spend alot of time knitting while spending time together this weekend. Resulting in that my first cardigan after my own measurements and patterns is now blocking..


The ultimate (christmas) flower is the amaryllis.
Amaryllis, of the family Amaryllidaceae, is acctually a springflower. But since it's not hardy in Swedish climate we push them into flowering in wintertime, as a pottedplant inside.

My mother is some kind of "Amaryllis-collecter", not in the way that she has supernerdy knowledge of the Amaryllidaceae family, or the amaryllis she's got at home - most of them missing lables. But when ever she finds a specimen that she likes she will buy it, resultning in her buying about 5-6 new ones every christmas. And after some seasons the amaryllis will go back to it's "natural" flowering time, hence there are amaryllis flowering all year round in my familys home. My mother will buy any amaryllis that's a little different, while my fathers mission is to find an amaryllis that's so dark red it's almst black.

Anyway - when I had my parents over in Gothenburg the weekend before christmas, we visited Haga christmasfair and stumbled over a salesman that sold his amaryllis for almost nothing. So ofcourse we bought 4 each..

Mine just started flowering - all at ones ofcourse!

Amaryllis "Exotica"

Amaryllis "
Fresh Lemon"

Amaryllis "Charisma"

Amaryllis "Exotica"

Now I'm off to my dear friend Anna-Carin. When we meet we spend most time taking walks, knitting and watching detectiv storys..

Fluffy cream buns

One of the desserts for New Years Eve were homemade "cream buns" made from Mat-Tinas recipe.

Made from whipped eggwhites, sugar, crackers, vegetarian gelatine and freezedried berries, melted chocolate and coconut they where a success!

Want to make them your self - find recipe HERE


2011 has been an eventfull year - Philip was accepted to med.school, we got an apartment of our own in Gothenburg, I graduated from University, moved to Gothenburg and cut off my long hair!
And on top of all that I have found some greate new friends and really developed my knitting. I now don't find it scary to start a big project like knitting a cardigan, because I know I have the knowledge to do it and friends to help me if I got stuck.

I knitted a pippisweater


And a Myrtle cardigan, it's now my absolute favourite

I got to know Elin


And Eddy

(and Maria, but I don't have a picture of her)


I knitted my first pair of socks from my handspun yarn

I learned a thing and two about dyeing

I developed my spinningtechnique with the help of friends and my spinningwheel Kerstin

I met with the alpackas in Tummelilla


And for 2012 I will
  • Finish my cardigan knitted from my own measurements and pattern
  • Knit a pippesweater for Philip
  • Knit at least 20 christmas ornaments from Arne&Carlos book
  • Spin yarn from the alpackawool to use in a big project

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