About handdyed yarn

This is the thing about handdyed yarn - you never quite know what to expect.

When I bought my skein of Skein Seasalt I thought it would be enough for my sideways knitted shawl, as it turned out it wasn't enough. So I had to get another skein.
This was really easier said then done.
Maila, the owner of Penelope Craft, helped me the best she could to get another matching skein. When I was in Amsterdam some weekends ago I looked at the skeins she had left and we agreed on one we both thought would be the best match of the ones she had left.
 But, it was much lighter and not as variegated, but it still was the best match since the other ones looked like they were a totally different color set.
I know alot of people, including my self, would find this most irritable and wouldn't want to finish the project.
But I try to see the positive thing about it. Skein is dyed by one single woman in batches of 5 x 100 grams, so if you don't get a two skeins from the same batch there is a big risk that the color will differ alot. But instead of letting this annoy you, you can choose to see it as proof of how handdyed this yarn really is. See the value of that also really small companies with quality yarn are able to hit the market. Think about the effort this lady puts in to her work to give us knitters really beautiful yarn to work with.
So what if it differs in color, I choose to see the beauty of the craftmanship instead, in my knitwork and design as well as in the skills of dyeing beautiful yarn in the Skein company.
Not two peas in a pod, but still kind of beautiful

Clue 1 completed

This is what my completed first clue of WestKnits Mystery KAL looks like.
I'm totally pleased with the colors, even if it at this stage looks a bit like circus tent..

WestKnits Mystery Kal

Today the first clue of the WestKnits Mystery Kal was released, and I'm a little dissapointed.
The first 10 rows are to be reapeated 32 times, that's over 300 row in the FIRST clue.
I think that is very un-Mystery-KAL-like.
And the fact that it looks like another WestKnits shawl called Spectra doesn't make it funnier.
I think a Mystery project should be something new, and exciting, something original.
But hey, it's only the first clue, I hope the next one is more interesting!
My choice of yarn for the Mystery Kal, two colors of merinowool
of unknown brand, bought at Julia's in Antwerp, Belgium


My a-MAZE-ing shawl
Amazing in many way!
Amazing beacuse my friend designed it
Amazing beacuse it's so darn pretty
Amazing beacuse I knitted it with my own handspun yarn
Amazing beacuse it's acctually the first real laceshawl I've knitted
I call my sample Inca Sky
Have and amazing weekend everyone!

Blocking - TDF

Today was the last day to finish the testknit of Marias latest shawl a-MAZE-ing.
And I managed to finish it just in time - eight o'clock this morning..
It's now being blocked on my bed!
Today is also the first day of TDF and I'm soon of to spend my weekend with Dineke in her studio in den Haag.
There we will be spinning, knitting and dyeing sockwool all weekend long.
Let TDF begin!


Today I'm 24 on the 24th of May.
And what a day I've had! Working in sunny and warm weather, treating my colleagues to some bananacake, getting a Spätzle grater from Sabine, phonecalls from my parents, a letter from Linda, birthdaycard from grandma, tea and salt liquorice and lots of greatings via the world wide web.
I celebrated with my family during the weekend they were here. I felt like a spoiled little child after opening my presents. I got a camerastand, a Gudrun Sjödén scarf, iPhone gloves, a bath towel, a sockknitting bock and beautiful earrings from my granddad.

Buuut, one of best present arrived this morning with mail. It was a picture from one of my testknitters who had already completed the shawl I designed.
It was one strange but wonderful feeling to see something I designed knitted by someoneelse.
I think Susanne did a great job, and I'm very thankful that she wanted to help me testknit the shawl!

Inspire me knitted by Susanne

Inspire me - crescent shawl

Finally it's finished

Inspire me
crescent shawl

After doing a testknit for a dear and talented friend and buying two skeins of luxuriant Madeleine Tosh Merino Light I decided to create my own shawlpattern.
This is the result!

Contrast linen scarf

I february 2011 I bought two skeins of Kalinka Lin at Strikk in Gothenburg. After using 1 adn 1/3 of the skeins it became and UFO. But now, about a year later, it a FO!

I used two skeins of Kalinka Lin in contrasting colors. The pattern is improvised from begining to end and it measures 350 cm!

I think it'll make me good company when summer arrives!


Seedknitting is not something I've spend much time doing before. I don't think it's much fun, either knitting nor looking at.

BUT, I know you felt a but coming, when the big dollop of wool had started to get to comfortable in the yarnbasket I knew I had do to something about it. And why not knit a set consisting of matching headband and scarf. AND, why not use the seedknitting technique!?

Said and done! The headband was knitted on needles 6 (eu size) and the scarf on needles 12. The lady in the store recommended needles 20, but that would have given a very scanty scarf and I wouldn't have liked that.

Anyhow - I casted on 10 stiches for the headband, seedknitted until it was large enough to go around my head. Then I did the finishing by binding off the stiches on my needle together with the knitted stiches at the beginning of the headband. That way I made the bindoff and the stiching together in on.

With the scarf I did the same, but I casted on 15 stiches and knitting until the yarn was used. Then I did the same bindoff as for the headband. In total I used 2 skeins, a total of 300 grams. If you knit a pair with scarf and headband/berret/woole hat - always knit the headpiece first - then you don't have to think about how much yarn you have to save while knitting the scarf.

I think the seedknitting really gives this scarf and headband that little extra. I think the seads are almost like small emeralds and safires!

Thanks again to Eddy for taking the pictures!

Blueberry Fluff Alpaca Shawl

I know, it's a mouthfull but a grand shawl need a grand name.

It's a cemicircular shawl and I improvised the deisgn.
It's knitted from my handspun yarn Blueberry Fluff and some Drops Babyalpacka silk

It weighs 137 gram. 100 grams handspun alpaca = 248 meter, 37 grams of Drops Babyalpaca silk = 132 meters.

I love the look and the feel of it!

VickeVira Mystery shawl

Igår blev den färdig - Mias, alias VickeVira, Mystery shawl KAL.

Numera i lite halvblockat tillstånd eftersom jag inte hade några nålar i lägenheten i Göteborg. Stickad av 2.1 nystan Drops Delight.

Om ni funderar på att sticka den hittar ni den på Mias blogg och på VickeVira fangroup på ravelry, mönstret är gratis.
Det var en trevlig sjal att sticka och mönstret är verkligen vacker! Tack Mia!

In English Yesterday I finished Mias, aka VickeVira, Mystery Shawl KAL.

The blocking isn't complete sincce I didn't have any pins in the Gothenburg apartment. It's knitted from 2.1 skeins Drops Delight.

If you're thinking about knitting it you will find the pattern on Mias blogg and on VickeVira fangroup at ravelry, it's avaliable for free. It was a nice shawl to knit and it's a really beautiful pattern, thank you Mia!


Här har ni den så slutligen, prinsens födelsedags Daybreak, döpt till HappyDaybreak.

Jag är supernöjd över hur bra färgerna matchar prinsens röda skägg. Han går runt och myser i den och tycker att den är toppen.

Stickad i Drops Delight och Drops alpacka, stickad i strl s, fast med lite modifikation så att den blev lite större.

In English
The Daybreak I knitted for my boyfriends birth, called the HappyDaybreak.

I love the way his beard matches with the green and orange in the scarf. And I'm happy that he likes it just as much.
It's knitted in Drops Delight and Drops Alpacka, size small, but made a bit bigger with some modification.

Roses of Rivendell

Det första man gör på morgonen är ju såklart att fota sin nyblockade buff, som har fått det ädla namnet Roses of Rivendell, stickad av Roses are forever garnet!

var ett mycket trevligt och vackert mönster, jag stickade med 2,5:or istället för 3:or men det blev hur bra som helst! Det gick åt 241 meter, så av återstoden har jag nu börjat sticka ett par halvvantar med samma mönster på ovansidan handen, fast något modifierat då såklart. De blir riktigt romantiska, jag längtar efter att bära dem tillsammans!


Av mitt vildrosegarn håller jag nu på att sticka en Rivendell Smokering. Det var via Garntrollets blogg som jag fick syn på denna skönhet och förstod att det helt klart var detta jag skulle sticka av mitt Vildrosegarn.

Den är trevlig att sticka och garnet är väldigt mysigt och mjukt. Det är en så speciell känsla att sticka av sitt egna garn, en speciellt underbar känsla!

Samtidigt spinner jag på finullen jag fick av Elin i våras, den har jag tvättat sorteret, klippt av blekta toppar, tesat och kardat tillsammans med silke. Tyvärr är den mycket dubbelklippt så trots tidigare sortering är det mycket ullpluttar som måste pillar bort under spinnandet. Men det blir trots det ett ganska snyggt garn!


Nu är min BirthDaybreak färdig, en liten ordvits såhär på kvällskvisten. Min Daybreak är stickad av födelsedagsgarn och presentgarn och är alltså en BirthDaybreak, hur bra som helst.

Jag tycker att den var ganska trevlig att sticka och mönstret var lätt att följa. Jag stickade en medium fast med några extra ränder eftersom jag tycker att Delight garnet har så fina färger!

Den är alltså stickad i Drops Delight och Drops Babyalpacka silk, båda två är trevliga att sticka med och jag är mycket nöjd i samspelet mellan färgerna samt det blanka i alpackan och den matta Delighten.

Eddy - Muffin tackar dig för att du gett mig garn att sticka en så utmärkt kattmatta av!;)


Nu är ännu en sjal i mohairgarn färdig, vet inte hur många jag har stickat nu. Men det är ett perfekt projekt att sticka på när man lyssnar på föreläsningar eller så. Tror att jag ska skänka den här till påskauktionen i min lillebrors scoutkår. Jag, men mest mamma, brukar skänka någon varje år. Jag har själv på tok för många sjalar redan i vilket fall som!

Vill ni veta mer om hur man stickar en sånn här sjal (super enkelt mönster) får ni kika på mina andra blogg annastickar

Puss på er!

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