Yesterday was the first Advent. Advent is celebrated by all christians (and all non-beliving christians) in Sweden.
Advent means "arrival of the Lord". Each sunday in december (this year already in november) before christmas we light a candle in a candleholder with four candles. So when all four candles are burning, both christmas and the birth of Jesus.

As written above this has very little to do with the birh of Jesus for most Swedes. It's a christmas tradition that runs deep in every swede I know. The first Advent is also traditionally the day when you put up your christmas lights, christmascurtains - and everything else that is "christmasy".

So while the storm "Berit" was rageing outside yesterday i was inside - baking bread, ironing curatins and putting up the christmas lights!

My red star from four years ago, I bought it my first christmas in Mariestad

A new star to celebrate our first christmas in Gothenburg

And while the christmaslights are shining the orchids are blooming like never before

Jungle in my kitchen..

While fellow bloggers post pictures of starting to decorate their homes with christmaslights, new christmas curtains and so on - I blogg about the greenery that is set up in my kitchen right now!

There are some exciting things happening in my livingroom, ergo - I have to have all plants plants that are normally in the livingroom in the kitchen instead. It's a bit crowded but it look kind of nice!


A yummy morning

This yummy Saturday morning consists of a cup of Kusmi Tea in a brand new teacup with retrofeeling that my dear friend Anna-Carin gave to me yesteraday. Together with the tea a eat this years first saffronbun - typichal for Swedish christmas.

This yummy morning is the beginning of what I think will be a perfect day. I'm going on a "get to know eachother day" with the orcestra I've resently joined. Were going to the christmasfair in Haga, then we're going to have something to eat and play silly games. The day is topped of by going go the bathpalace in Lerum do have some fun!

I wish you all a yummy day!

The perfect bread

Around christmas in Sweden (i know it's not christmas yet but almost..) we eat a special kind of bread that is flavoured with dark syrup and spices that we associate with christmas, such as cloves, seville orange, cinnamon and ginger.
Together with raisins and flour (ofcourse) this makes a "Vörtbröd".

Today I made one my self, left it to raise in my "raising-basket" and then baked to perfection. Might be the prettiest bread I've ever done, and I bet you that it tastes like a piece of heaven!

Pretty, prettier, bread!

Muffin the sink(ing) cat

My darling cat Muffins new favourite plays to hand out or to sleep is in the sink in our bathroom or toilette. Every now and then I find him laying there, just having a greate time, or taking a nap (for several hours).

So - whats to greate about a sink?
  • It has got the perfect round shape for a big cat like Muffin who likes to feel surrounded
  • It's a bit cold - in the beginning - but with the perfect fure that he's got it's no problem after a while
  • If your thirsty, and like to drink from the tap and don't mind getting wet while drinking, you just give a MJAUUU and your person will come a turn on the tap for you..

Muffin half a sleep in the bathroomsink

Me and my monstercat

..and a picture of my brothers monstercat taken from a quite funny angle..

Cardigan Course

Yesterday I was on a course, held by VisaLisa, to learn the basics of how to knit at cardigan or sweater after your own measurements. The technique is quite simple, but there are alot of things to think about and alot of changes you can do to create a more interesting design.

We learnt alot of valuable things and I think (...) that I now will be able to knit my first cardigan after my own measurements and desire.

I'm knitting with Semilla in a stealblue colour, and so far it looks terrific!

The base colour of the cardigan

Cast on and calculations to make it fit


Seedknitting is not something I've spend much time doing before. I don't think it's much fun, either knitting nor looking at.

BUT, I know you felt a but coming, when the big dollop of wool had started to get to comfortable in the yarnbasket I knew I had do to something about it. And why not knit a set consisting of matching headband and scarf. AND, why not use the seedknitting technique!?

Said and done! The headband was knitted on needles 6 (eu size) and the scarf on needles 12. The lady in the store recommended needles 20, but that would have given a very scanty scarf and I wouldn't have liked that.

Anyhow - I casted on 10 stiches for the headband, seedknitted until it was large enough to go around my head. Then I did the finishing by binding off the stiches on my needle together with the knitted stiches at the beginning of the headband. That way I made the bindoff and the stiching together in on.

With the scarf I did the same, but I casted on 15 stiches and knitting until the yarn was used. Then I did the same bindoff as for the headband. In total I used 2 skeins, a total of 300 grams. If you knit a pair with scarf and headband/berret/woole hat - always knit the headpiece first - then you don't have to think about how much yarn you have to save while knitting the scarf.

I think the seedknitting really gives this scarf and headband that little extra. I think the seads are almost like small emeralds and safires!

Thanks again to Eddy for taking the pictures!

Moving Myrtle

I finished my Myrtle Cardigan some weeks ago, but yesterday I finally got the help to take som photos of it's greateness!

I call it Moving Myrtle because of the back and forth - going to Gothenburg and also the move to Gothenburg that I've used to work on my Myrtle.

I enjoyed knitting it and I enjoyed that it's practically seamless which makes both the knitting and the finishing touches so much easier. It's a clever and beautiful pattern, all in all, and I can really recomend to knit it!

I used 1.92 skeins of Malabrigo Sock Yarn, dye Solis.

So here goes a picture-cavalcade that I hope you'll enjoy. I can add that I took me and the photografer Eddy, a case of moutain climbing to take them..

Big thanks to Eddy fo taking the beautiful pictures <3

Forrest Feet

Philip felt sorry for him self since I was "always knitting socks for my self and never for him" so I took pity on him and knitted a pair of toe-up forrest green socks now called Forrest Feet. One of the demands was the socks would be forrestry-green and tight.

Now he'll probably won't take them off until spring arrives..

Stripes and dots with Fabel sockyarn

If he want's another pair I will knit him a pair of pink, lace socks..

80 cm cut off hair later..

Sort of cut off all my hair today..

(and I'm wearing my Myrtle Cardi that I haven't been able to take good pics of yet)

Nighttime spinning

Yesterday evening/night my better half was away on Toga-kickoff and I was left alone with my flue-bugs that my dear kids so givenly have shared with me.

So what to do!? I spend the time by the spinning wheal. I completed 600 meters of lacespun BFL in the colour "Wild Roses". And then I moved on to the my alpacawool, but thats another story..

Now I'm gonna take care of the remain of my fluebugs and hope that they find their way out very soon.

Kind of pleased with my self..

Two of a kind..

..well almost atleast.

These are a pair of socks I've knitted from the Philipous yarn. Colours choosen by Philip, dyed and spun and navajoplyed by me.

It's 70% merino, 30% nylon, approximatly 50 grams and 100 meters of yarn per sock, knitted toeup. The cuff is quite short - that's just how long the yarn lasted. To make them look (almost) the same I split the roving in two right down the middle, spun the two rovings and then navajoplyed them.

I think they look sort of greate!

The stripes are quite similar placed

Ready for a walk

Close up

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