We've had a couple of cold days here at de Hessenhof and right now the sun is playing pik-a-boo between dark clouds.

But the springflowers are not letting me down!
About two days ago Trillium sessile, reviled it's true beauty and this morning, before work, I took the opportunity to immortalize it with my camera.

Trillium sessile


A perennial that prefers a bit of shade to hide it's beauty in



Happines in a eggcarton

I'm lucky enough to be getting freshegg deliveries any day that I like.

Hans, the owner of the nursery has a couple of small, golden yellow hens from England. They lay small, beige and absolutley adorable eggs. His parents hens are of a local breed and they lay big, brown eggs.

Can your breakfast, lunch or dinner get any happier than with a couple of fresh laid eggs!


Spud & Chloe

The luxurious sockyarn from Spud & Chloe that I bought in Belgium two weeks ago.

80% superwash wool, 20% silk, 227 meters/65 grams.

This yarn is to be transformed into a pair of Owlie socks after I've completed the Zest cardigan..

Lovely, warm colour

It's worht buying almost only for it's cute label!


Here's the second view from my kitchenwindow!

Can you see how all the trees are starting to show that lovely green colour and that there is also more greenery on the ground. They days are warm but the nights are still cold, we've had a little frost two nights in a row. I hope no flowers or buds are damaged by this temperaturswitches!

Eagerly awaiting that lovely springgreen colour!


The day before I left sweden it was really nice springweather and I and my younger brother to advantage of the sun and the warmth to take out our cats for some time in the garden. They are not allowed to go out by their own but they like to be out on their long leaches, catching flies and sleeping in the sun.

Älva the norwegian forrest cat

Muffin the umm, quite cute but not as fury cat <3
(he's not as mean as he looks..)

Morning dew

Awoken at 7 am by the morning sun shining in through my ceiling window I decided to go out in the nursery to catch some morning dew, with my camera.

The spring is very early here, Paeonias already in bloom, the trees starting to show some green, 20 degrees warm in the day. I'm hoping it slows down a little so that I get time to fully enjoy the spring before it's over.

There's a myth that says that the philosophers stone (you know the one that gives eternal life) is to be found as a morningdew droplet on and Alchemilla, might have to start looking..




Paronia veitchii


It's not all about gardening

As you know my life is not all about gardening, even if it maby seams like it sometimes.

My life is a whole lot about knitting to! Not 50% maby as I sometimes wish, but still a whole lot.

My last project to be finished were a pair of Delight-socks made for my mother. As I've might have written before my mother knits as well, but now a days only (almost) the same kind of scarf, over and over again..
What she does with them? Keeps some, give some as presents and the rest as gifts for charityauction.

She has a big heart, my mother, a big heart and cold feet! So now and then she needs her daugther to knit her a pair of socks, and I'm more than happy to do so!


Helleborus is one of de Hessenhofs speciality. They are all handpollinated so you will find variety that aren't found anywhere else.
Today I've been planting the seadlings from last year. Here at Hessenhof they to the whole procedure with all their plants - pollinating, collecting and sowing the seeds, planting and replanting and then nurturing until the plant is big enough to be sold. While many other nurserys buy small plants, that often are "made" in laboratories and then just nurture them so the right size.

I think being part of the whole thing is a big part of the fascination I have for plants!

Here are some of the gorgeos Helleborus found at de Hessenhof!

A Helleborus that's almost black, probably my favourite!

Spotted beauty

Double yellow


Windowview 12-03-19

Since I have a nice view over the garden from my kitchenwindow I thought it could be nice to document the change in the garden from there.

This will be the first of many pictures to come!

Today at 7 am there's a mist hanging over the garden

Belgium weekend

After packing in all my things in the apartment on top of the nursery where I'll be staying these 8 months we drove on to our friends in Belgium to spend the rest of the weekend.

We had a really good time with our friends there, as we always do!
We visited the foodmarket in Antwerp and had a nice walk about the city. Visited a yarnshop and a café that are owned by the children, who have turned into adults with familys of their won, of other friends in Belgium.
We ate some great food and just enjoyed eachothers company.

Today we drove back and my parents left me in Holland. I've been unpacking and I also took a long walk in the neighboorhood. I live in the countryside, with 5 km to the closest town. But I really like it here, the forrest is just around the corner (who knew they forrests in Holland!?) and I suppose I'll have many nice walks in the surroundings and hop on the bike when ever I feel like going in to town!

Julijas very nice and very special yarnshop

Igna and me in her cafe Fabiola in Antwerp

Yummy olives at the lovely foodmarket

And ofcourse some chocolate-rabbits for breakfast..

Tomorrow awaits my first day at work, wish me luck!

First day in Paradise

Yeserday I arrived at my new work in Holland Kwekerij de Hessenhof.

I immediately felt something bubbeling inside of me, I've come to paradise. I think I will have 8 really great months here and learn and awefull lot of things.

A big thank you to my family and all of my friends for being so supportive and helpfull. I hope to have many visitors so my dear friends also can have their slice of paradise!

Spring has already arrived in Holland

Hepaticas is one of de Hessenhofs specialities

..and so are Helleborus

The Pulsatillas were already in full bloom

The nursery is a combination of garden and deparments were you find the plants for sale

Perennials for sale both outside in the sun and in the shadowhouse

Friendly yarn

For my dear friend Anna-Carin I've spun my first three-ply yarn (if not including the navajoplyed).

Three, really thin singles of green merino spun into one luscious laceyarn that I thing will be perfect a perfect for knitting a shawl, maby one with leaves would go well with the colour.

100 grams heavy, 3-ply, 381 meters (that means that I spun more than 1200 meters of 100 grams, whohoo!) of handspun happines!

I feel like a proud mother..

My thinnest yarn so far!

Handspun springsocks

After having a nice cup of tea for more than 3 hours together with my friend Emelie I thought it was time to present my latest pair of socks in the ongrowing sockcollection.

It's a pair of socks knitted from handdyed and handspun yarn and they have a springlike touch to them.

This is the way from wool to socks!

100 grams of BFL wool handdyed with Lanscape colors

Two skeins of navajoplyed yarn

Ready for some  knittingaction

Ready to walk a mile in my shoes

Or just keep me warm at night..

New beginning

It's been dead quiet here for a while now, and like most things also this has it's reasons.
I'm not the one to out details about my relationship on the internet, but I can say as much as that I'm not in one anymore and that the person that I thought was dearest to me has made me deeply dissapointed.

So I'm of to a new beginning and that beginning begins in Holland.
I'm going to Holland to work at the organic perennial nursery called de Hessenhof for about eight months, from mid March to end of of October.

I thing this will be an amazing experience and I'm really looking forward to it. I hope you'll follow my adventures in the land of cheese and tulips!

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