Come Spring

The seeds of the season have now been delivered.
This year I'm trying some new things like Daikon and Majrova, I'm so excited to put the seeds in the ground and watch them grow.
Since I don't have the same possibilities to grow seedlings in the greenhouse and then plant outside I've mostly chosen seeds that are suitable to sow straight into the ground.

I've ordered my seeds from Runåbergs and Rara Växter which are both two really good seed-companies!

Seed from Runåbergs, delivered in charming, brown paperenvelopes

Seeds from Rara växter, packed in transparante plastic bags. It's so nice to see how different all the seeds are!


This is the day when you have to eat a "semla" because its Shovre Tuesday, or "fat Tuesday" as we say..

Semla is like the greatest pastry there is, since you only have to eat it once or twice a year.
Wer were served these huge once at work today. The have been rated best-in-test two years in a row in Gothenburg.

And they really were great, if you have a empty stomach to fill to the limit..

Other than the cream being a little bit to sweet this was the tasiest and most beautiful semla I've ever had the privilege to enjoy!

Gothenburg Botanical Garden

Not the first and probably not the last time I'll blog about Gothenburg Botanical Garden.

This weekend, when my friend Anna-Carin, the soon to be horticulturalist, was here to visit. We spent the saturday afternoon in the greenhouses of Gothenburg Botanical Garden.
In there we could escape the rainy weather outside and use an hour or two dedicated to our greatest interest.


Soon to bloom crocus

Dark phalaenopsis orchid

Anna-Carin next to unknow plant

Striped orchid

Oslo here I come

In a few hours I'll be on my way to see my friend Rebecka in Oslo, Norway.
I've never been to Oslo so it will be twice the fun to both visit a dear friend and a new country.

I have a list consisting of four yarnshops that I hope to visit.

Other than that I'm just gonna enjoy the time I will spend with Rebecka!<3

Sugar and spice, me and my darling when she visited me in Mariestad 2010!


Yummy, ymmu cookies made from the eggwhites left over from the homecooked vanillacurdle, sugar, flour and butter.

Simple but yet so good

Made a great snack after sundays sledgeride!

Christmas ornaments

Finally Strikk had a deliverance of wool to stuff the christmas ornaments. When I came to the boutique they had already sold half of the bad they had recived. So I thought to my self - don't be cheap - and bought the rest of what they had.

1/2 kilo of woolstuffing came home with me.

So this weekend I sat down to fill the ones I've knitted. They are not perfect, it wasn't easy to stuff them with out getting lumps in the wool.
But in a christmastree with low lighting no one will ever know..

Once upon a time there were three little christmas ornaments..

Looking forward to knit several more!


You who have been following my blog for a while know that I've got a week spot for orchids..
And while working the the flowershop I couldn't help to "take care" of all the orchids that were out of flower and hence that couldn't be sold. So I took them all in my care. Resulting in that I now have 21 orchids..

Of these 21 orchids not less than 18 are in full bloom, and the others have loads of flowerbuds and will soon be in bloom too!

So here are some pictures of this orchidheaven!

Most of the orchids are in the two kitchen wndows so that I can enjoy them everytime I sit down to eat!

White with pink speccles

Dark magenta

Purplepinkish with dark speccles

My orchids always tend to flower in wintertime, a great time to blossom if you ask me. Since I have so many geraniums that blossom in summertime it's greate to have the orchids to enjoy during the darkness of winter!

Oslo Socks

Next weekend I'm going to see my dear friend Rebecka who lives in Oslo.
She works as manager of a boutique who sells exclusive underwear.
At work she always wear a pair of alpacka handwarmers with beads that I knitted for her years ago. She tells me that alot of the fancy customers ask her where she bought them she is so happy to tell them that I knitted them for her.

But Norway is a cold country and you need to keep your feet warm as well as your hand. So when she came to visit me for New Years Eve she went through my scrap sockyarn and found som yarn she liked. So now I've knitted a pair of scrap socks to keep my friend in Oslo warm!

Knitted with toe-up

I used Regia, Regia Bamboo and Fabel to complete the socks

Colourfull but yet styleish

I hope my friend and her customers will enjoy them..

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