With the pasta I got from Italy, together with some homegrown tomatoes, onion, some tapenade and olives this monday dinner really tickled my tastebuds!
Colorfull monday dinner!


When I woke up this dreary, grey, september sunday I felt a little bit homesick.
And what better to cure it than bake a bunch of Swedish cinnamonrolls!
I made them just as I would make them at home, with the exception that I used dry yeast and buttermilk instead of fresh yeast and ordinary milk.
I must say that buttermilk is sort of an revelation to me! We don't have it in Sweden anymore but I've seen lots of english and american TV chefs using it but not quite comprehending what it was.
I bought it yeasterday with the thought that it was milk that hasn't been seperated from the cream, and was very surprised to find that it was fairly thick and a bit sour.
So I went on google to read more, it seems like the main reason that we don't have it in the supermarket anymore is becasue it all goes to the swedish baking industry.
Anyhow, they turned out GREAT! And since they are best eaten warm, almost straight from the oven, I went over to my boss family and to his parents to treat them to some cinnamonrolls as well.
I always put brown sugar ontop of my cinnamonrolls instead of the traditional swedish pärlsocker.
The dahlia is one called 'Smokey' and I bought at the flowermarket in Amsterdam.

Taste of Italia

When I was working on one of the salesareas in the nursery, scraping livermoss of the mypex, my boss wife Miranda came to me with a blue plastic bag. A gift they brought for me from their vacation in Italy as a thank you for looking after the chickens and plant babies.
It was something for me apparantly, something to eat  - and I know my self and how much I love getting things I can eat (that and yarn)..
A gift they brought for me from their vacation in Italy as a thank you for looking after the chickens and plant babies.
Happycolored pasta  - dyed only with juice from vegetables, a soap made from olive oil, flavoured with lemon, olive oil that smells and tastes DIVINE totally different and what you can get in the supermarket, and three different spicemixes all natural from what I can read.
So who's coming with me to Italy?


I think the picture speaks for it self..
My first time cooking mussels on my own, sooo tasty!

Blueberry Sunday

When you're not quite well, having a low fever and a throat that hurts, and you're living in a country where you are not alowed to pick what the forrest offers like you a used to be able to do..
..then it's kind of awesome to have an extra grandmother to look after you and who brings you a big bowl of huge homegrown American blueberrys with hopes that you will be better soon!
..and if you've happened to have baked a carrotcake the day before to treat your coworkers with and you happen to have a slice over - you could eat this for lunch...

de Vlijt

A visit at the mill de Vlijt in Wageningen is every breadbakers dream!

The mill was built in 1879 and stands in the middle of a area with houses with cute gardens.
It looks liks someone just decided to pick it up and place it there.
Every thursday, friday and saturday the mill is open to the public and you can go there to look inside it and to by ALL different sorts of flour, granes, and what nots..
I didn't know half of the things that where sold, and produced in the mill, but we got good help from clerk who explained everything to us.

I bought a bit of everything (well not really everything) and will have a try out so I know what to by next time.

Fancy that!

Summer in a bottle

Rubarb-syrup, sommer in a bottle!

Evening tea

This is how I prefer to spend my summerevenings!
I big cup of tea, this evening Söder om Ven, birthdaygift from Anna-Carin, and a bowl of strawberrys!

How do you spend you summerevening?

Simple is more than enough

I have often the thought that "too much is never enough".
But with a bowl filled with strawberrys, icecold milk and toped with a sprinkle of sugar Simple is more than enough!

Summer in a bowl

Pizza time!

Got inspired after havning dinner at an italian restaurant to make for dinner today.
Pizza with fresh spinache from the kitchengarden, springonion, mushroom and blue cheese.
Then straight our of the oven toped with roccet sallad, cherrytomatoes and olives.

Sunday dinner = pizza time!

Happines in a eggcarton

I'm lucky enough to be getting freshegg deliveries any day that I like.

Hans, the owner of the nursery has a couple of small, golden yellow hens from England. They lay small, beige and absolutley adorable eggs. His parents hens are of a local breed and they lay big, brown eggs.

Can your breakfast, lunch or dinner get any happier than with a couple of fresh laid eggs!



This is the day when you have to eat a "semla" because its Shovre Tuesday, or "fat Tuesday" as we say..

Semla is like the greatest pastry there is, since you only have to eat it once or twice a year.
Wer were served these huge once at work today. The have been rated best-in-test two years in a row in Gothenburg.

And they really were great, if you have a empty stomach to fill to the limit..

Other than the cream being a little bit to sweet this was the tasiest and most beautiful semla I've ever had the privilege to enjoy!


Yummy, ymmu cookies made from the eggwhites left over from the homecooked vanillacurdle, sugar, flour and butter.

Simple but yet so good

Made a great snack after sundays sledgeride!

Fluffy cream buns

One of the desserts for New Years Eve were homemade "cream buns" made from Mat-Tinas recipe.

Made from whipped eggwhites, sugar, crackers, vegetarian gelatine and freezedried berries, melted chocolate and coconut they where a success!

Want to make them your self - find recipe HERE

I Love My Kitchen

The kitchen is my favourite room in our apartment! It's light, the wallpaper that I and Philip put up our selfs is beautiful, and it has got everything that I could wish for (except a bigger fridge and freezer).

So why not spend a whole day in the kitchen?

Today I've been baking "pepparkakor", saffronbiscotti and my favourite bread "Rofans everyday bread"...and I have been sorting out the kitchen jungle. Philip threatened that he would throw out some of my flower if I didn't do it my self. So I've been rerarranging them, now I have only three that I don't have the perfect place yet beacuse they are so big..

Pepparkakor, the pig is my favourite!

Several jars of saffronbiscotti with almonds!

A yummy morning

This yummy Saturday morning consists of a cup of Kusmi Tea in a brand new teacup with retrofeeling that my dear friend Anna-Carin gave to me yesteraday. Together with the tea a eat this years first saffronbun - typichal for Swedish christmas.

This yummy morning is the beginning of what I think will be a perfect day. I'm going on a "get to know eachother day" with the orcestra I've resently joined. Were going to the christmasfair in Haga, then we're going to have something to eat and play silly games. The day is topped of by going go the bathpalace in Lerum do have some fun!

I wish you all a yummy day!

The perfect bread

Around christmas in Sweden (i know it's not christmas yet but almost..) we eat a special kind of bread that is flavoured with dark syrup and spices that we associate with christmas, such as cloves, seville orange, cinnamon and ginger.
Together with raisins and flour (ofcourse) this makes a "Vörtbröd".

Today I made one my self, left it to raise in my "raising-basket" and then baked to perfection. Might be the prettiest bread I've ever done, and I bet you that it tastes like a piece of heaven!

Pretty, prettier, bread!

Chaenomeles speciosa

When visiting my friend Jenny the other week she served me marmelade made from japanese quince (Chaenomeles speciosa) and cardamom. It was delicious, rather sour and perfect with some cheese on freshly baked bread.

Outside her apartment some of the delicious fruit was growing so she helped me pick some to bring home. The japanese quince is a bush with thorns, small leaves and orange flowers. It's not to uncommon in gardens and cityplantings - most people don't know what it is though. It's a decorative and usefull bush!

The fruit is ripe is ripe when the peel of the fruit is dark yellow and has a waxy feeling when you touch it, that happens in ocotber if in Sweden.

Ripe japanese quince, don't they look like miniature halloweenpumpikins!

Cut the quince in half, use a spoon to remove all the seeds - there's alot of them, as big as appleseeds. Then cut the quince in several, smaller pieces.

Put in a pan, boil for some time (isn't that a nice time1?) add sugar after taste and some caradamom seeds if you like. Put into warm yars and put it on display so that everyone can see what a nice work you've done..

Naturen bjuder på..

...ostkaka med nyplockade blåbär och mörkröda och supersöta jordgubbar.

Medan sockervattnet till jordgubbs och mynta saften kokar upp passar jag på att slänga ihop ett inlägg.

Idag har jag plockat kantareller, eller nej, idag har jag plockat kantarell. Jag hittade nämligen bara en. Mitt och prinsens bästaste svampställe har nämligen omvandlats till ett kalhygge efter att ett gäng lönnmördare varit i farten. Eller snarare granmördare, för granen var borta och björken kvar. Därmed har vårt svampställe blivit starkt solbelyst och vi kan nog räkna bort några större kantarellskördar i år. Men jag hoppas på att kunna plocka mycket taggsvamp när den säsongen sätter i för där hade träden fått vara i fred till min stora lycka.

Däremot var min blåbärsjakt desto mer lyckad och jag kom hem med en liter - för jag orkade inte plocka mer. Min jakt på syltsocker var dock inte lyckad, syltsockret var slut, ikväll skulle det komma in mer som tur var.

Så i väntan på syltsockerts ankomst kokar jag saft och spinner vidare på mitt handfärgade alapcka-garn, Blueberry Fluff!


Har jobbat och jobbat och jobbat de senaste dagarna, kul att mitt jobb är så roligt!
Men när jag kommer hem sent på kvällen och det fortfarande är varmt är jag inte så sugen på att äta något varmt utan svänger ihop den somrigaste fruktsalladen.

Men en näve jordgubbar, två nektariner, créam fraiche, lite florsocker, citronsaft och mandlar får du en riktigt läskande fruktsallad!

Dela och blanda jordgubbarna med nektarinerna. Blanda en knapp deciliter créam fraiche, 2 tsk florsocker och någon skvätt citronsaft och klicka över frukten. Hacka och strö över mandlarna.
Syran och sötman i créam fraiche - röran framhäver verkligen jordgubbssmaken. Kan man njuta härligheten på sin soliga balkong i sällskap med några pelargoner så är inte det fel..

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