Summer inside

Even if the winter is aproaching, the trees have shed their leavs and it's getting darker by the hour, there is still summer inside.

If you go to Gothenburg you should visit Gothenburg Botanical Garden. There it's summer inside all year around in the greenhouses.

There you can visit diffrent rooms that have different inviromental themes. Like dessert, orchids, rainforrest and so on. It's alot of fun and interesting to see plants in their natural habitat!

Cactie in the dessertroom

Lavender in the mediterrainian room

Nationalflower of Chile, I think..

From the one of the orchid rooms

The base of a tree in the dessert room, looks like the shell of a turtle

Big dollop of wool

This might have been the greatest saturday in  some time!

Me and Philip begun our day at a SPA where we got a coconut scrub followed by an hour Thai Oil Massage which was to die to. All smothe - both in skin and muscles - we went to my favorite sushiplace Yama Sushi at Kungsportsplatsen. There I treated me and Philip to some really nice sushi and green seaweed sallad - yummy!

Then Philip went to return a pair of jeans that got a giant crack when he sat down playing laserdome. We came out with a new pair of jeans, and another pair of new jeans, and two pair of chinos. Why - all pants where half prize of. Great!

..and theeen, I did some shopping for me! I got a scholarship some weeks ago, and since I've got a job now I wanted to treat my self to some yarn that I otherwise would think to be to expensive.

So I treated my self to 300 grams (2 skeins) of Malabrigo Rasta in the same colour as my Myrtle Cardigan (which is almost ready!) and I'm planning on transforming it into another cabled headband and a scarf to match it!

One big dollop of wool!

Cabled headband

With the help of a pattern from Strikk (with 4 st added), 73 grams of Natur Uld yarn in dark mustardyellow, needles size 6 and a some episodes of Dexter I knitted this cabled headband.

Easy knitting but good looking.

Thanks Martin for taking the pictures!

Don't blame it on others

I write this post because I am one of Unicefs "blogger for every kid" that meens that I write about campaigns that Unicef are running. To promote them and to make more people aware of childrens situations in the world today.

The 24 of october to the 25 of november is 30 days of not blaming it on others when harm is done to children.

Every week there are headlines in the newpaper screaming out "Kindergarden-personel suspected childabuse, did nothing" or "14-year old girl raped and bullied at school. The school says: we did what we could".

Children are abused, though grownups know that everything isn't right at home. People don't react because they are ignorant, scared, lazy or not doing their job. Why? This is what this campaign wants to find out.

There is no reason blaming it on other when I child is abused.

CLICK HERE to find out more about the campaign (in swedish)

Everrybody can do something!

Sort of interviewday

Today I'm soon of to a sort of interview..

The thing about being a gardener/gardendesigner in ocober is that there aren't any work if you're not a fulltime designer. October equals offseason and that equals no jobs.

So while waiting for the season to begin in march I'm looking for temporary things to do.
And today I'm going to this sort of interview, but it's more like a "welcome, this is how it works, when can you start?" It's a group that hires temporary for kindergarden and pre-school. I can get everything from one or two days a week to a two month long work at the same place. I hope for the later..but eveything is better than just being about the aparment pretending to have things to do..

So wish me luck, I'll turn up the charm and do my best!

Happy girl going to her sort of intwrview

UPDATE - The interview went well and I start tomorrow!

AND you should check this out to see and read my dear friend Eddy guestblogging on on of Swedens most modern page for old knitting ladies like my self..


From the leftovers of the My Little Pony yarn I made a little sleeve for my iPhone. Only took like two hours and was very simple!

I casted on 12 st/needle on 4 dpn size eu 2.5, knitted until I had about 1,5 cm left until the whole phone was covered, plus a little bit extra on the bottom. Then I knitted 1,5 cm purl 1, knit 1, next row purl over knit, knit over purl (I don't know this techniques name in english) and then bind off every other st purlwise.

I think the result turned out great!

Looks nice, doesn't it. Here the phone is pulled out a bit, the sleeve is not so short in real life.

Phones also needs something warm for the winter!

Muffin the baglady

Or, technically Muffin cant be a baglady since his not a girl, but bagboy doesn't sound as good.

Muffin the cat loves all bags and boxes. He likes to lay on top of them, inside them and, if they are to small, half way inside them.

When Philip came home with his new winterjacket in a big plastic bag the other day Muffin immediatly tried to snug his way in to the bag. Since the jacket was still inside it he only came half way, and there he fell asleep, cuddled by the new, fluffy jacket. Which after that was a new, hairy jacket..

The bagboy

Cute as can be!

Philipous the sockyarn

Remember the handdyed roving Philipous - which my byfriend choose the colours for?

Well, now the first of two skeins of sockyarn is completed, the other one is still going strong on the spinningwheel.
I split the roving in two right down the middle. Then spun it and navajoplayed it, that way I hope to get two almost exactly similar socks. I'm gonna knit them toe-up so that I'm to have enough yarn.

It's 50 grams heavy and 108 meters long so I sure hope it's gonna be enough!

Not many meters are the same colout but it sure is colourfull..

*Crossing my fingers that it's not to loose spun*

Chaenomeles speciosa

When visiting my friend Jenny the other week she served me marmelade made from japanese quince (Chaenomeles speciosa) and cardamom. It was delicious, rather sour and perfect with some cheese on freshly baked bread.

Outside her apartment some of the delicious fruit was growing so she helped me pick some to bring home. The japanese quince is a bush with thorns, small leaves and orange flowers. It's not to uncommon in gardens and cityplantings - most people don't know what it is though. It's a decorative and usefull bush!

The fruit is ripe is ripe when the peel of the fruit is dark yellow and has a waxy feeling when you touch it, that happens in ocotber if in Sweden.

Ripe japanese quince, don't they look like miniature halloweenpumpikins!

Cut the quince in half, use a spoon to remove all the seeds - there's alot of them, as big as appleseeds. Then cut the quince in several, smaller pieces.

Put in a pan, boil for some time (isn't that a nice time1?) add sugar after taste and some caradamom seeds if you like. Put into warm yars and put it on display so that everyone can see what a nice work you've done..

Fibres amongst friends

The best way to spend time with your fibres is to combine it with spending time with good friends!

This firday it was time for a kntting breakfast with dear Eddy, we both missed the third part in what is usually a knittingtroika and that is Elin. Elin has moved far away, to far away for my taste and we miss her!

But anyhow, me and Eddy had a nice fridayknittingbreakfast which continued into a knitting afternoon as always..
Eddy was working on some different projects and I spun the norweiganwool who I'm not friends with. After navayoplaying it I thought of making it a christmas gift but the yarn is so unfriendly that I wouldn't even give it to my worst enemy..

Eddy working on her Pomatomussocks with yarn she dyed at my place som weeks ago. Did you know that crazypink sockyarn is impossible to find in Sweden!?

Me navayoplaying the hated norwegianyarn, might as well get rid of it.
Thats how much I don't like it.


Since I got my Ashford carder some weeks ago I havn't had much time to spend together with it. I'm guessing it has been feeling i a little bit lonely and unloved to this week I made him work (yes it's a he, I like to thought of a man working for me..)

I've made two batts with chinsese kashmir that I got in a swap, some silknoils, merino-silk and merino. I guess it will be for a more artyarny-yarn.

I also made a bat of the alpacawool a bought earlier some months ago. The bat is a mix between white, dark brown and light brown alpaca. It's gonna be yarn for a pair of handwarmers for my dear mum. The carder was by the way a graduationday-gift from the best parents in the world (my parents). Who also helped with the loading and unloading of the movingtruck. They are simply the greatest.

But now I'm gonna go take a shower - I've been "move-cleaning" my old appartment today. You know the kind of really neat cleaning..So after beeing inside the oven, under the bathtub, diving into the toilette, squeezing myself into the waste-sorting-cupoard and then riding the train for 3,5 hours I don't feel like the freshest girl on earth.
So a shower, then a cup of tea and some me-time in the sofa with my myrtle-knitting and some crappy TV.

Handsorted, combed and carder to the left and the kashmir-artbat to the left!

Moving Myrtle

During the move (and before and after) to Gothenburg I've been knitting on my Myrtle cardigan. I'm kntting it with Malabrigo Sock, colour "Soils". I really love the greenish-blue oceanfeeling that to yarn has, and it's so soft and cuddly! It's the most expensive yarn I've ever bought so far but I guess it's worth it when knitting such a gorgeus cardi.

The body is completed as far as where the sleeves go in and I've knitted half of the first sleeve. I'm gonna knit them full length instead of 3/4. I always push the sleeves towards the elbow while inside, but when outside in wintertime I like the sleeves to be full length and cover the whole arm.

So far so good!

The lacechart is really beautiful and not to difficult to follow!


Today is the day that I graduate from University. I present my thesis at two o clock this afternoon, and then I have a bachelor degree in The craftmanship and design of gardening.


But we also think about Stebe Jobs who past away this night.

Rosa gallica 'Rosa Mundi'


I would definently put my self in the category "Shoelover". But that doesn't equal that I buy a huge amount of shoes every year. When it comes to shoes i prefer quality before quantity and that means (for a student) a few, but really good pair of shoes every year.

My highly loved, pink, PUMA sneakers have been with me for three seasons. They are petite and cute and perfect for both jeans and dresses. But I've finally realized that I have to give them up. The soul is almost gone so the leak alot and have looked quite worn out the last months. This weekend I accidently steped in a huge pile of dogpoop while we were picking mushroom and that kind of made it final - my pink sneakers could be no more.

So today I went out to sea a pair of shoes, good for spring and autumn, preferably of black leather.
And there they were, a pair of Vagabond, low boots, perfect for autumn! So they became mine quite fast. And I'm sure that they will stay with me for as many, and probably more, seasons as my pink sneakers.

They are not as clowny-big as they look up to the left. They are just gorgeus!
I'm gonna premierwear them on Thursday when I present my thesis!


This is my first sweater - have only knitted a cardigan before - and I'm really pleased with how it turned out.

BUT - I don't want to recomend the pattern, the picture is missguiding because it's another type of shoulder decrease in the pattern, and I had to get alot of extra yarn than the yardage recomened.

Any how, have kind of promised the boyfriend I will knit one for him to..

Dearest Eddy took the pictures on a warm autumday

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