Broken seed socks

I first saw socks knitted with the broken seed technique at dödergöks blogg and after that the broken seed socks have been popping up like mushrooms at almost every knitters blog that I read.

So i thought to my self - it looks greate, it's simple but yet fun so why not try it!

I knitted a pair with Drops Fabel yarn, one grey skein and one selfstriping, red skein. I think the result is really nice! It's not deadfun to knit, but it's a nice that you can use a self striping yarn without it destroying the "pattern". It's also a pattern that is suitable for guys, atleast guys who doesn't prefer lace-socks..

I made both toe and heel with the read yarn. You get less contrast but accentuates the heel and toe in another way.

Under the foot I just knitted plain stripes


I made the cuff with more ribbed knitting than brokenseed knitting

Postat av: Maria

Sjuuukt fina!

2011-12-29 @ 14:37:13

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