Early christmas

Yesteday me and my friend Eddy finally managed to arrange a meeting that suited both mine and her working hours. So straight after work I went home to her cosy appartment to knit and watch her make pepparkakor (and ofcourse taste..).

I finished the foot on my second pair of broken seed knitted socks, and begun on the second one. Since it was a long time since Eddy and I met the last time we had a ton of things to talk about AND since I was aware that this would be the last time we met for christmas I gave her an early christmasgift!

I got a gift from Eddy to, but mine one the "wrapping contest"..

It containd a jar of my homemade saffronbiscotti, and two bats of handsorted and carded alpaca

I hope Eddy can spin and knit something cute from it!


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