From Alpaca with love!

Remember that I visited an alpcka farm earlier this year? Anyway - because of busy times juggling work, school, move, and a new job there hasn't been alot of time left over for the alpaca wool.

BUT - I have managed to sort, card, and spin enough yarn for a pair of alpaca handwarmers.

They are knitted on needles 2, the yarn was VERY thin even though it was navajoplyed! It's my own pattern and I'm thinking about writing it down. I made a drastic increase to make it embrace the wrist and "beginning" of the hand to give more warmth.

While taking the pictures I got a little "help" from Muffin the cat..

Striped alpaca handwarmers

Muffin the cat giving a hand, or should I way paw. during the photoshoot..

Muffin getting a taste of the handwarmers..

Muffin taking a taste of me..

Well, I hope you get the picture anyway!

Postat av: eddy

å vad fina de blev! jag tänkte faktiskt sätta mig en stund vi rocken idag och börja på den fina alpackan.

haha! otippat att vi har samma smak=) men ganska kul att vi önskar oss nästan samma! kram

2011-12-16 @ 10:51:07

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