This yarn is the perfect example of something I had very low expectations about.
I wasn't at all pleased with the woolroving after dyeing it. I had decided to dye in different colors that I normally choose, like blue, turqouise and pink. While fluffing it after steaming it I immediately regret my trial to be different.

But it so fun how a roving transforms into somethings that you experience in a totally different way when it's spun.
As single i still wasn't very happy about it, but when plyed - fractal - I thought it looked really greate.

What was a boring roving turned in to a yarn that was sofisticated but happy in color. With it's fresh meloncolor I named it "Melonball" I think that it will turn into something beautiful when knitted!

100 grams BFl wool, handdyed, handspun into a 2 ply yarn of 350 meters.

Melonball the yarn

350 meters of handspun happiness!

It's now waiting for someone under the christmastree..

Postat av: MiA


2011-12-21 @ 23:02:34
Postat av: Sofia

Fiiiiiiint! :)

2011-12-21 @ 23:06:38

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