Merry Christmas

Yesterday we celebrated "Little Christmas", which is the evening before christmaseve. We've always celebrated little christmas in my family, and it was first when I moved to another part of Sweden that I learned that this is a tradition from my par of Sweden - Skåne.
I celebrated together with mum, dad, my brothers and my eldest brothers fiance. Since I will celebrate christmaseve with Philips family we exchanged gifts yesterday. My homespun yarn and knitted handwarmers were a success and the rest of the evening my mum and sister in law discusses what to knit from it. They decied on having a special club for those knitting with homespun yarn, since that is a little bit better than with commercial yarn..

With this erhmm..typichal christmas mushroom growing on my mum and dads christmas tree I wish you all a Merry Christmas!

Christmas mushroom, bought at Liseberg last weekend.

Postat av: Sofia

God jul! :)

2011-12-24 @ 10:12:30
Postat av: Call design

God Jul!

2011-12-24 @ 10:37:45

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