Yesterday was the first Advent. Advent is celebrated by all christians (and all non-beliving christians) in Sweden.
Advent means "arrival of the Lord". Each sunday in december (this year already in november) before christmas we light a candle in a candleholder with four candles. So when all four candles are burning, both christmas and the birth of Jesus.

As written above this has very little to do with the birh of Jesus for most Swedes. It's a christmas tradition that runs deep in every swede I know. The first Advent is also traditionally the day when you put up your christmas lights, christmascurtains - and everything else that is "christmasy".

So while the storm "Berit" was rageing outside yesterday i was inside - baking bread, ironing curatins and putting up the christmas lights!

My red star from four years ago, I bought it my first christmas in Mariestad

A new star to celebrate our first christmas in Gothenburg

And while the christmaslights are shining the orchids are blooming like never before

Postat av: Sofia

Mina orkidéer börjar också slå ut nu, gissa om jag har väntat! :D Kommer inte ens ihåg hur de såg ut när jag köpte dem ;)

2011-11-28 @ 22:06:44
Postat av: eddyy

haha! jag antar att du och jag skiljer oss lite från dagens ungdom =)

2011-11-29 @ 11:39:42

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