Moving Myrtle

I finished my Myrtle Cardigan some weeks ago, but yesterday I finally got the help to take som photos of it's greateness!

I call it Moving Myrtle because of the back and forth - going to Gothenburg and also the move to Gothenburg that I've used to work on my Myrtle.

I enjoyed knitting it and I enjoyed that it's practically seamless which makes both the knitting and the finishing touches so much easier. It's a clever and beautiful pattern, all in all, and I can really recomend to knit it!

I used 1.92 skeins of Malabrigo Sock Yarn, dye Solis.

So here goes a picture-cavalcade that I hope you'll enjoy. I can add that I took me and the photografer Eddy, a case of moutain climbing to take them..

Big thanks to Eddy fo taking the beautiful pictures <3

Postat av: eddyy

hört talas om tidsinställning =) hihi!

schysst tröja alltså... påminner om en jag fotat en gång =)


2011-11-16 @ 22:35:10

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