Don't blame it on others

I write this post because I am one of Unicefs "blogger for every kid" that meens that I write about campaigns that Unicef are running. To promote them and to make more people aware of childrens situations in the world today.

The 24 of october to the 25 of november is 30 days of not blaming it on others when harm is done to children.

Every week there are headlines in the newpaper screaming out "Kindergarden-personel suspected childabuse, did nothing" or "14-year old girl raped and bullied at school. The school says: we did what we could".

Children are abused, though grownups know that everything isn't right at home. People don't react because they are ignorant, scared, lazy or not doing their job. Why? This is what this campaign wants to find out.

There is no reason blaming it on other when I child is abused.

CLICK HERE to find out more about the campaign (in swedish)

Everrybody can do something!


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