Moving Myrtle

During the move (and before and after) to Gothenburg I've been knitting on my Myrtle cardigan. I'm kntting it with Malabrigo Sock, colour "Soils". I really love the greenish-blue oceanfeeling that to yarn has, and it's so soft and cuddly! It's the most expensive yarn I've ever bought so far but I guess it's worth it when knitting such a gorgeus cardi.

The body is completed as far as where the sleeves go in and I've knitted half of the first sleeve. I'm gonna knit them full length instead of 3/4. I always push the sleeves towards the elbow while inside, but when outside in wintertime I like the sleeves to be full length and cover the whole arm.

So far so good!

The lacechart is really beautiful and not to difficult to follow!


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