Muffin the baglady

Or, technically Muffin cant be a baglady since his not a girl, but bagboy doesn't sound as good.

Muffin the cat loves all bags and boxes. He likes to lay on top of them, inside them and, if they are to small, half way inside them.

When Philip came home with his new winterjacket in a big plastic bag the other day Muffin immediatly tried to snug his way in to the bag. Since the jacket was still inside it he only came half way, and there he fell asleep, cuddled by the new, fluffy jacket. Which after that was a new, hairy jacket..

The bagboy

Cute as can be!

Postat av: Emmy

Underbart! Så typiskt katt. Mina är precis likadana :)

2011-10-21 @ 11:11:28

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