Philipous the sockyarn

Remember the handdyed roving Philipous - which my byfriend choose the colours for?

Well, now the first of two skeins of sockyarn is completed, the other one is still going strong on the spinningwheel.
I split the roving in two right down the middle. Then spun it and navajoplayed it, that way I hope to get two almost exactly similar socks. I'm gonna knit them toe-up so that I'm to have enough yarn.

It's 50 grams heavy and 108 meters long so I sure hope it's gonna be enough!

Not many meters are the same colout but it sure is colourfull..

*Crossing my fingers that it's not to loose spun*

Postat av: Sofia

Det där blev ju helt galet snyggt!

2011-10-20 @ 14:35:56

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