Sort of interviewday

Today I'm soon of to a sort of interview..

The thing about being a gardener/gardendesigner in ocober is that there aren't any work if you're not a fulltime designer. October equals offseason and that equals no jobs.

So while waiting for the season to begin in march I'm looking for temporary things to do.
And today I'm going to this sort of interview, but it's more like a "welcome, this is how it works, when can you start?" It's a group that hires temporary for kindergarden and pre-school. I can get everything from one or two days a week to a two month long work at the same place. I hope for the later..but eveything is better than just being about the aparment pretending to have things to do..

So wish me luck, I'll turn up the charm and do my best!

Happy girl going to her sort of intwrview

UPDATE - The interview went well and I start tomorrow!

AND you should check this out to see and read my dear friend Eddy guestblogging on on of Swedens most modern page for old knitting ladies like my self..

Postat av: mia

Det låter ju kul att vara dagistant :)

2011-10-24 @ 19:07:58
Postat av: Sofia

Bravo! Himla duktigt :)

2011-10-25 @ 21:26:41

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