Aunt Hulda

This is Aunt Hulda.

Aunt Hulda is a applepeeler, deseeder and slicer - it all happens in just a few seconds! For those who loves dried apples this is the thing!

My friend Jenny (who is the greatest jewellery designer) lend it to me and gave the a tip about the best webpage in the world (or in Sweden at least) for us who love to fill the cuppord with home made jam, pickled vegetables, cordial and so on. There Aunt Hulda is avaliable for only 199 swedish crowns! HERE you can see and reed more, but not in English I'm afraid.

After letting Aunt Hulda taking care of the peeling, deseeding and sliceing all I have to do is to thread the apples on a stick, cut through - sorry, but Hulda can't do everything - half of the apple and put them at some distans. Then hang them somewhere nice to dry!

Postat av: Sofia

Tack! :)

Ja den var riktigt skön att ha på sig, lätt och luftig men ändå varm :)

2011-09-15 @ 21:08:52

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