DyePot Saturday

This saturday I spent a couple of hours by the dyepots together with my dear friend Eddy.

I made the (stupid?) decision to let my boyfriend choose colours for the sockwool (70 % merino 30 % nylon) I was about to dye. I ask him to pick five colours, and what does he do? He picks the most differenting dyes that I have, puts them together and claims that this will look greate. Well..I don't know about that, it will probably look more funny than greate.

Anyhow, I dyed 100 gram with the colours of his choice and 100 grams with the same colours accept the coral one, which looked kind of greate.

I also dyed some BFL and a secret one for the swap I'm in..

Here are the sockyarns, Looking greate to the left and Philipous to the right, you guess which are the boyrfriendcolours..

Postat av: mia

Så fina färger i ullen. Vet du, jag tycker det till höger ser kul ut, lite bli-glad, även om corall kanskje sticker lite ut, tror det ger lyster till garnet. Så produktiv du är, neröver är det fullt med spännande saker, och lamaull, wow, det måste kännas extra rikt och kul ut.

Ha det fint :)

2011-10-03 @ 07:03:53
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