Fringy Pulsatilla

Had a great and sunny day at work! And I was very happy to see that the peas I planted in my kitchengarden (read; leafcompostheap) yesterday had not taken any damage by the few hours of nightfrost, peuw!

Discovered this fringy Pulsatilla in the rockgarden - Pulsatilla 'Olga's Traum'
It's a little crazy and I'm not sure if I like it or not, it's not really a Pulsatilla for me, but if I think outside the box I guess it's kind of beautiful!
I once had a guestteacher at Uni who hated all filled flowers, he said something about them being "mutated monster who he had only one destenation for - the compost!"

Pulsatille 'Olga's Traum'

Pulsatilla 'Olga's Traum'

Postat av: Elin

Najs bilder pa alla blommor!

Ar hos Dineke nu. Inte sett sa mycket blommor an, men vi ska ut pa biltur till helgen och da blir det val lite. Nan alpackafestival nagonstans - vet inte var. Ett stort spinngang som kommer dit. Ar du ledig kanske du kan ansluta. Om det ar i narheten av dig ?

2012-04-18 @ 11:21:52

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