As it's easter and I'm not working on monday I took the oppertunity to visit my friends in Belgium.
This time it's even more nice to be here than usual since I'm not only greeted by my dear friends but also by Ioko, a 10 week old, chocolatebrown labrador puppy!

Ioko comes from the organization Hachiko that with the help of "ordinary" familys train dogs to be able to help disabled people in their daily life with things like opening doors, picking up keys, taking clothes of and so on.
The dogs spends 1,5 year in the family, where it has to learn several commandos.
Then the organization trains the dog for another half a year and then the dog is fit for getting his or her "boss". When the dog is fully trained it knows about 80 different commandos. Everything from peeing when told to, to walking backwards and stay put until it's asked to leave.

Morning cuddles

Sometimes you get a picture like this..

..and sometimes Ioko is about to give the camera a lick before you know it..

And after cuddles, modelling and cameralicking it's naptime, sleep tight Ioko!

Postat av: IréneJB

Håller med precis, varför bara göra en sak? Finns ju så mycket roligt att prova. Annars verkar just kombinationen trädgård & stickning ganska vanlig, även om alla inte skyltar med det i "headern".

Våren har ju definitivt kommit längre i Holland. Ska nog ta en sväng och fota lite i trädgården idag nu när snön som kom försvunnit igen.

2012-04-08 @ 10:35:38

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