Penelope Craft

One of our stops in Amsterdam was Penelope Craft Shop.
Run and owned by Malia who moved here from the States four years ago.
I found the shop on a Ravelry forum and we felt very welcomed as soon as we stepped into this shop packed with luxurious yarns.
We spend some time there thursday afternoon and then came back for craftsnight in the evening. A group with women from alla over the world - America, Canada, Venezuela and one girl who was half Swedish half Swiss, all living in the Netherlands.

We took another trip to Penelope during the cloudy saturday and went home with empty wallets..

Anna-Carin went for this method of shopping "I may buy as much as I can hold in my arms at the same time"

Madelein Tosh Merino Light


Holst-yarn from Denmark

Anna-Carin found something nice in a book for mens knitwear. I don't know if it was the man or the knitwear that made her smile..

I want them all..

Later I'll show you which yarns acctually made me empty my wallet!

Postat av: Maria

Nu är jag riktigt avundsjuk!!! Muuuums!

2012-04-30 @ 15:53:55
Postat av: eddy

haha! helt rätt söndaskvällsbestyr! å vad härligt ni verkar ha det. ska bli kul att se vad du köpt=) stor kram

2012-04-30 @ 21:07:23
Postat av: Maria

Du har en utmaning att hämta hos mig! Kraaaam!

2012-05-01 @ 13:04:48

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