On one of our outings, while I was in Sweden, took us to Hanö.
A small island, with weather beaten nature, a grave for english soldiers, a dragon mark and sea as far as your eye can reach.
Now 6 month old Ioko took the trip with ease
After 40 minutes on the boat we hit target, the cutes harbour in time!
..and ofcourse my brother sat out to read when the rest sat out to fill their stomachs with the picnic we brought.
Notice the importance of covering all part of skin that could be exposed to sun.
My brother in a nutshell!
The sun was enjoyed just as old friendship
Look at them, som calm, enjoying watching a puppy taking his first swim ever..
...then, suddenly, it was not so pleasant wathching a puppy take a swim anymore..
Then it was time to go home, Iok slept the whole boat trip. First on the deck, then in Annes lap, cute little wet puppy


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