Knitting with the best

One of the things I looked forward to the most of vacation in Sweden was to see Eddy and Emma in Gothenburg and enjoy a whole day (and night) of knitting, chatting and laughing!
We hadn't seen eachother for 5 months so there wasn't much time for taking pictures. Things needed to be talked about, new projects shown, hours flew by..
I begun the day by taking the tram to see Emma, we had a cup of tea and did alot of chatting and a little bit of knitting.
Then we took a hike uo the hill to Eddys appartment. When arriving at the scen of the crime Eddy and Tofsvipan met us with open arms and freshly baked scones.
After havning a sconesfeast for breakfast we said "byebye" to Tofsvipan and set to work. Showing eachother new WIP's, new yarn, new finished objects, things we want to knit sooner rather then later.
Of of the "I show you mine if you show me yours" was Eddys choice of yarn for our Ellington Sock KAL.
We tried to begin on it but we both quite quickly realized that it wasn't a knit suitable for company knitting, we'll just have to go on working on it in different countries
Pictures were taken of both this and that, it's great having friends who understands just how you want your photos to look.
I caugt a close up of Eddys Prima Ballerina, check it out, it's her own design and a real beauty!
The day was then followed by more knitting, a kitchentable overloaded with "things that we really need to have here on the table right now, or else we can't knit", cooking palak paneer for 5, playing Trivial Pursuit, carrying a bed from the basement, browse through book of fabric swaps, oooh:ing and aaah:ing while doing so, finally chose one and coarsely cut it out - what it's for, you will find out another time.
Those kind of days makes me miss Sweden and Gothenburg. But knowing there are many more of those days coming up, I can't help but smile.
You are the best of the best!


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