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I've entered a "bookreadingmood". My book reading comes in waves, sometimes I can digest a book per week, sometimes it's much longer intervals between the books.
But I'm talking about actually reading books. I've always got an audiobook at hand and after finding the booksshouldbefree webpage it became even easier to get my hands on good audiobooks.
I like to listen to audiobooks because then I can both knit and "read" a good book at the same time.
I mostly choose to that before reading since reading takes up valuable knitting time..
But as said - I've been reading more and more latly.
This weekend I finished the first book in the Hungergames triology by Suzanne Collins and The Genesis Plauge by Michael Brynes.
It was 37 degrees in the shadow this weekend so all there was to do was lay in the sun and read (or sleep)...

Some other books I've read this summer, so good that they are worth giving up the knitting for an hour or to..

Postat av: Cecilia

Åh, The Hungergames....första boken var SÅ bra och så spännande och så välskriven, får en massa bilder i huvudet bara jag hör titeln!
Samma sak med The Help, också en bok som "stannar" kvar i medvetandet!

2012-08-21 @ 05:09:57

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