Oslo Socks

Next weekend I'm going to see my dear friend Rebecka who lives in Oslo.
She works as manager of a boutique who sells exclusive underwear.
At work she always wear a pair of alpacka handwarmers with beads that I knitted for her years ago. She tells me that alot of the fancy customers ask her where she bought them she is so happy to tell them that I knitted them for her.

But Norway is a cold country and you need to keep your feet warm as well as your hand. So when she came to visit me for New Years Eve she went through my scrap sockyarn and found som yarn she liked. So now I've knitted a pair of scrap socks to keep my friend in Oslo warm!

Knitted with toe-up

I used Regia, Regia Bamboo and Fabel to complete the socks

Colourfull but yet styleish

I hope my friend and her customers will enjoy them..

Postat av: Miastickar

JAg har nån sorts översättning till svenska på din sida och alla gånger blir inte översättningens ordval riktigt rätt! Dessa sockar är stickade i skrotgarn :) Sockarna blev fina och värmer säkert gott i Norge!

2012-02-05 @ 09:09:56
URL: http://www.miastickar.blogspot.com

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