2011 has been an eventfull year - Philip was accepted to med.school, we got an apartment of our own in Gothenburg, I graduated from University, moved to Gothenburg and cut off my long hair!
And on top of all that I have found some greate new friends and really developed my knitting. I now don't find it scary to start a big project like knitting a cardigan, because I know I have the knowledge to do it and friends to help me if I got stuck.

I knitted a pippisweater


And a Myrtle cardigan, it's now my absolute favourite

I got to know Elin


And Eddy

(and Maria, but I don't have a picture of her)


I knitted my first pair of socks from my handspun yarn

I learned a thing and two about dyeing

I developed my spinningtechnique with the help of friends and my spinningwheel Kerstin

I met with the alpackas in Tummelilla


And for 2012 I will
  • Finish my cardigan knitted from my own measurements and pattern
  • Knit a pippesweater for Philip
  • Knit at least 20 christmas ornaments from Arne&Carlos book
  • Spin yarn from the alpackawool to use in a big project

Postat av: Maria

Åh sweetie! Jag är så glad att jag har lärt känna dig/ er också! Tvåändsstickning l

2012-01-01 @ 15:30:46
URL: http://www.pysselochknap.com
Postat av: Maria

..dumma telefon! Tvåändsstickning låter som ett bra mål! Frågan är bara vem som ska lära oss..

God fortsättning och gott nytt år!!


2012-01-01 @ 15:33:08
URL: http://www.pysselochknap.com

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