Deflated Christmas Ornaments

If you want to fill your christmastree with knitted ornament you better start intime..

So I've knitted three and started on the forth, but so far they are quite flat. I'm planning on knitting about 10 before putting in the filling, so you can do all at the same time.

I've knitted three ornaments that are quite different from eachother. That makes the knitting more fun.
I knit them with Rauma Fine Wool, as recommended by the authors. I knit them in grey and red, instead of white and red. Why - well Strikk were out of white Rauma Fine Wool and I thought it looked really nice with grey instead.

Not yet steamed or filled they look like this!

Nr. 11 "Krokros", nr 28 "Polkagris", nr 32 "Hjärterum"

Nr 11. "Krokros"

Nr 28. "Polkagris"


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