My second sockyarn

I knitted my first pair of socks from handdyed, handspun yarn last year and this weekend I finished spinning my second roving of sockwool.

It's 70-40 merinowool - nylon and i'ts quite pleasant to spin.
I split the roving straight down the middle so that my socks will get the same striping - well atleast almost the same..
I spun two singles that I navajoplyed. I think the second single was spun with more twist, so I think that one will be better.

With a total of 230 meters this is the sockyarn Looking greate!

It turned out quite well balanced, but not perfect

In reality the colors are very vibrant and not as blend as the picture suggests

Now I just have to find the time to knit a pair of socks..

Postat av: Sofia

Snyggt, som vanligt! :)

2012-01-15 @ 16:04:08
Postat av: Sofia

Chiliätartävling som i att äta en tesked chili con carne i varje omgång utan att ge upp. Fy fan i helvete vad stark den sista omgången var. PHU!

2012-01-15 @ 18:04:27

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