Take that fear and wear it like a crown

Yesterday may have been the best friday in a long time!

The greatness begun at 17.00 pm at Fröken Olsson where I and Eddy spend about an hour knitting with other knittingenthusiasts of the Sip and Knit group.

When then walked on to Stora Teatern at Avenyn to see the fabuluos Cirkus Cirkör show
Wear it like a crown.

After being seated on not so comfortable charis the show begun, AND WHAT A SHOW!
It was amazing, dazzling, spectacular, funny, beautiful and absolutly magnificent!

We sat in the middle of the second row and could enjoy every faceexpression, it made show feel really special, like they were on stage only for our personal enjoyment.

The fabolous Wear it like a crown trailer

While waiting to get to the wardrobe after the show the artists came out on stage to more or less hangout and talk to the audience, and ofcourse we couldn't resist to ask for a picture..

Eddy and the oh so funny and charming pingpong juggler.

Cirkus Cirkör was really something extra, something I've never experienced before. But it sure won't be the last time!

After being bobsmacked by Wear it like a crown we went to have a glas of wine and knit for a couple of hours.
All in all, a really great evening!

Postat av: Cecilia

Vilken trevlig fredagskväll!

Dottern och maken såg Cirkus Cirkör i onsdags och på onsdag ska dottern gå igen, denna gång med sin bror och mig för vi "måste också se". Hon tänker se den ännu en gång med en kamrat; föreställningen är tydligen verkligen något extra!

2012-01-21 @ 11:41:02
URL: http://cecilias-sida.blogspot.com
Postat av: David Eriksson

Tack för fint inlägg och för att ni kom : )

2012-01-23 @ 08:57:54
URL: http://baldwithballs.com

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