Purple Meadow

Tour de Fleece first skein is 2-ply, fluffy, colorfull and one of those yarns that suprised me when spun!
I wasn't to happy about the wooltop, I got it in a secretexchange and it wasn't really my colors.
But after some hard work with the top - it was somewhat misstreated in the dyeing process and quite felted - and fractalspinning it turned out better than I could have expected.
It's BFL, 100 grams heavy and 198 meters long, it's spun with half interest and therefor not perfectly even, but it's a nice begining of TDF 2012.
This is Purple Meadow

Now I'm off to ply som BFL/Silk!

Postat av: eddy

urtjusig gumman!

2012-07-02 @ 21:54:23
URL: http://blogg.passagen.se/eddysblogg
Postat av: eddy

urtjusig gumman!

2012-07-02 @ 21:55:02
URL: http://blogg.passagen.se/eddysblogg

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