You've got mail

Got my self a nice package yesterday, with Swedish stamps and a very nice scent about it.
I ofcourse ripped it open as fast as I could!
In it was the book The knitters Book of Socks which was a birthday gift from my younger brother and the nice smelling thing was 200 grams of my favourite tea (thank's mum!).
There are soooo many pretty socks in this book and the book it self is so pretty I could die.
I want to knit it all, now, at once!
Happy girl with awesome book!

Postat av: eddy

hej=) tycker jag abolsut du ska göra. det ska bli superkul att sticka sin egna handspunna kofta. men först ska jag ta tag i que sera. haha =)
vilken mysig bok! den kommer du ha mycket roligt med =) kram

2012-07-17 @ 21:02:14

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