For the upcoming ravelry event TDF 2012 I felt the need to get some new wool!
I wanted loads of colors, maby some new wool I hadn't tried before, and who to ask for help if not Mia. The brain behind the etsy shop VickeVira where you can get wonderfully handdyed wool, handspun yarn, no-tangle-headphones and Mias own patterns.
And since being a creative person my self, I know it's always more nice to test your creativity then just get an order of what something should look like.
So I thought it would be nice to make a game out of my order from Mia.
I gave her four names, or feelings, of a color and then it was up to her to interpret that feeling colorwise.
The names/feelings were:
Beduin night
Desert Pastel
Beachhouse apricot
Stormy Pink
The wool was delivered to me saturday afternoon and I'm so pleased with Mias interpretations.
She really is a dyepot queen!
BFL/Silk Beduin Night will be used in Westknits Mystery KAL
BFL/Silk Desert Pastel Will join Beduin night for Westknits Mystery KAL
The remaning tops I'll show you another time!

Postat av: MiA

Thanks for a challenging and fun dyepot order! Makes me happy to know you are happy with the colours. Gorgeous pics!

2012-06-26 @ 23:43:57

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