I'm starstrucked

Yesterday me and my eminent visitor took a trip to Amstedam.
On our to-do-list was a visit to the Anne Frank museum, van Gogh museum and ofcourse to Penelope.
Well, we kind of went to Penelope twice, before and after Anne Frank museum. In the time in between we managed to follow Prinzengracht in the wrong direction, which meant that we had to walk a walk that would normally take 40 minutes in 10 minutes since we had a pre-booing at Anne Frank.
But all that was forgotten when we went to Penelope the second time. While I'm standing looking at some yarn (ofcourse, what else do you do in a yarnshop) a man walks in and takes a seat. Another visitor in the shop speaks to him in English and says she's a big fan. My ears got bigger as I heard him talking about his books and upcoming designs. I had my suspissions but I just had to ask who this smiling, redhaired man was.
He said very shy that he was a designer, and that his name was Stephen..
OH MY GOOD, not Stephen West I asked, I shy smile and a "Yes".
Okey, so one of my favourite designer was just there in front of me and I was starstrucked, and probably acted like a starstrucked fool..

Check out Stephen West's awsome designs at ravelry


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