Pink grapefruit Carneval Purse

This is a testknit of Eddys first own design Carnival Feather Purse!
It's a cute purse perfect to store what ever you find suiting!
I knitted it with my handdyed, handspun Pink Grapefruit yarn. A colorfull yarn that I've wanted to use for long but didn't find the right purpose for. It's spun with a bit to much twist and is therefor not so soft. But when Eddy asked me to do this testknit I knew that the yarn has found it's purpose and would make good use in this purse since it made a very "steady" knit dew to the overexcadurated twist.

When I get my hands on a sewingmachine I will wad the inside and maby make a pocket or two.
I'm planing on keeping all my "knitters must-haves" in this purse since the one I have is getting to small..

Check out Eddys own Carnival Feather Purse and keep a look out for the pattern will son be avaliable at Ravelry!


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